Making "ART" with your phone

I am taking this really supremely cool class for iPhone photography!! It is all in video format and self paced. The only downside I have found is there is very little interaction with the others in the class. It works by posting your pics to your flickr account and yes, some people comment. I have found some of my internet friends there that was a happy surprise! So if you are into ART and are looking to take your pics to a different level. Lots of what is learned there can be easily transferred to your editing skills. Here is the link to the class. Here are my first 3 pics. learning new things... ~kimi~     And... this is only up to lesson #4. Can't wait to learn how to add two images together to get a double exposure look. ~Happy Sunday!!!

Valentine Freebies

Happy Valentine Everyone.... A few valentine freebies for you. Enjoy! :) 4 png valentine lovelies and a texture.  You can download here. ~kimi~

Super Cool "FREE" Font

I just love the free font that Creative Market is offering today. It is called Dusty Circus. It comes in 2 parts, the outside and the inside, lots of cool options!!  I have added a link to their site on my blog. -------------------------->>>>>>>>> Hope you ENJOY! ~kimi~

Want some really cool freebies?

Hi everyone...  I have some goodies coming soon but wanted to make sure everyone was getting the goodies at Creative Market!! It is a wonderful site where a lot of designers go and sell their products. Looking for that unusual item that you are having a hard time finding... it will be there! Once you sign up, you also get info about the freebies they offer. Hurry and take advantage of their generosity today! It is free. Here is the link. Creative Market. ~kimi~

Freebie Brush Set

Hi everyone.... I took a brush class at a little while back. I always meant to make a brush set to share and am finally getting there. So here is a little brush set that I made. It is mostly arrows but, I did throw a few odds and ends in there with it. I hope you enjoy! If you have not taken a class there, you should really check it out. There is something to fit just about anyone's needs. From scrapbooking to editing to photography. It is a site I highly recommend!! Here is a copy of what some of them look like. I threw the paper in also as a goodie. :~) You can download here . (this download will be available for 48 hours only) Be a subscriber today so you don't miss out. ~kimi~

Free 12x12, four image template

Hi everyone... every month the camera club I belong to has a Motivational Theme. A word is given out and we are encouraged to pick up our camera and submit an image that we think fits the theme word. I have been in charge of this for the last couple of years and am letting it go. Next year someone else will take over. So, to give our club the "big send off" I let them know the November theme word was brown. I also provided them with this four image template to fill. This way they have 2 months to look for picture to use. meanwhile.... I have been having such fun with it, I thought I would share with everyone. You can download here .   (remember, the download will only be active for 48 hours) Here are directions on how to use a clipping mask: This will work in both Photoshop and Elements. From the bottom layer going up.... You will have your background color, in this case it is white. Your clipping mask is the black rectangle. (there are 4, they are labeled) Your image

A little sharpening tip for your pictures.

I love this time of year in Louisiana. We never really get a cold hard winter here, that is very rare. But, every year when it is time for the kiddos to head back to school my Spider Lilies bloom. A little surprise of a flower. They come up from the dirt with just a straight stalk and the flower explodes on the top. No warning at all. The greenery comes later to feed the bulb. Today I share a pic that I took a few days ago of my red ones. So, lets talk about how it was processed... I am shooting a Nikon D800 in raw. I open my pics in Lightroom because I an not a Bridge lover. I mainly use Lightroom as a file organizer, rarely do I edit in LR. I will set my white balance there. So easy!! On this image I used a preset called, Sunflare Left (RAW Pretty Preset) 2, I searched and can't find where I got it from. SORRY. Then I opened into Phtoshop. I am working in CS5. Next I ran Coffee Shops free action called Velvet Cream. I will be honest.... I use this action on so many of my pics.