Add a little Chocolate to you images!

I have a pretty sick child today. My daughter Holly is not feeling well. Temp was 102 this morning.
Since I may be missing for a few days, here is a tip.

Chocolate filters have become all of the rage. You can make your own. :~)
Take you plain old black and white and add a little chocolate to it....
After you have completed your black and white conversion.
(I like mine heavy on the darks)
Create a new layer above the image and fill with a nice dark brown color. Here is one of my favorites. (3f2c02) Change the blend mode to soft light, you can also try color. Adjust opacity as needed. Done!

Here is the latest picture of my daughter Holly. She is 16. A black and white conversion with a chocolate filter added. The image didn't have a very good background so I changed that also. Remember, thinking outside the box is a good thing! Be Kreative!

Click on an image to get a bigger view.


Dawn said…
This is beautiful!! Hope your baby is feeling better....!!!! Sending Chicken Soup your way......
Jana said…
I remember this! Soooo gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing your tips!
Veevs said…
i remember your gorgeous layout too! Thanks so much for all your tips and links!
SusanD said…
Your poor little baby,,,. Take care of her.

Thank you; thank you!! for sharing all of your talent.

I personally can't keep up with a daily post of goodie techniques. Don't worry about a thing on this kinda end!
Kari said…
Your blog is seriously blowing me away!!! Such awesome information and examples ... in true Kimi style :) You are a definite bookmarked resource!
Bayla said…
Just discovered your Blog - it's great! Thanks for the tip on adding chocolate to images....I've got a couple of little girls in mind who are as yummy as chocolate and I'm off now to practise on them :)

kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
suzib said…
Kimi, your blog looks great. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
ps, you should give your chocolate to Kim for the newsletter
Anonymous said…
Love this effect! Thanks so much for sharing!


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