Sunday, March 9, 2014

Making "ART" with your phone

I am taking this really supremely cool class for iPhone photography!! It is all in video format and self paced. The only downside I have found is there is very little interaction with the others in the class. It works by posting your pics to your flickr account and yes, some people comment. I have found some of my internet friends there that was a happy surprise! So if you are into ART and are looking to take your pics to a different level. Lots of what is learned there can be easily transferred to your editing skills.

Here is the link to the class.

Here are my first 3 pics.

learning new things... ~kimi~


And... this is only up to lesson #4. Can't wait to learn how to add two images together to get a double exposure look.
~Happy Sunday!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Freebies

Happy Valentine Everyone....

A few valentine freebies for you. Enjoy! :)
4 png valentine lovelies and a texture. 

You can download here.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Cool "FREE" Font

I just love the free font that Creative Market is offering today. It is called Dusty Circus.
It comes in 2 parts, the outside and the inside, lots of cool options!! 
I have added a link to their site on my blog. -------------------------->>>>>>>>>
Hope you ENJOY!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Want some really cool freebies?

Hi everyone...  I have some goodies coming soon but wanted to make sure everyone was getting the goodies at Creative Market!!
It is a wonderful site where a lot of designers go and sell their products. Looking for that unusual item that you are having a hard time finding... it will be there! Once you sign up, you also get info about the freebies they offer. Hurry and take advantage of their generosity today! It is free.

Here is the link. Creative Market.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Freebie Brush Set

Hi everyone....

I took a brush class at a little while back. I always meant to make a brush set to share and am finally getting there. So here is a little brush set that I made. It is mostly arrows but, I did throw a few odds and ends in there with it. I hope you enjoy! If you have not taken a class there, you should really check it out. There is something to fit just about anyone's needs. From scrapbooking to editing to photography. It is a site I highly recommend!!

Here is a copy of what some of them look like.

I threw the paper in also as a goodie. :~)
You can download here. (this download will be available for 48 hours only)
Be a subscriber today so you don't miss out.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free 12x12, four image template

Hi everyone... every month the camera club I belong to has a Motivational Theme. A word is given out and we are encouraged to pick up our camera and submit an image that we think fits the theme word. I have been in charge of this for the last couple of years and am letting it go. Next year someone else will take over. So, to give our club the "big send off" I let them know the November theme word was brown. I also provided them with this four image template to fill. This way they have 2 months to look for picture to use. meanwhile.... I have been having such fun with it, I thought I would share with everyone. You can download here. 
(remember, the download will only be active for 48 hours)

Here are directions on how to use a clipping mask: This will work in both Photoshop and Elements.

From the bottom layer going up....
You will have your background color, in this case it is white.
Your clipping mask is the black rectangle. (there are 4, they are labeled)
Your image goes on top of the rectangle layer you want to use there.
Once you group your image with the proper clipping mask, you can resize as needed.

Ctrl T is your shortcut to resize. In Photoshop you will hold down the shift key when resizing to keep your proportions correct.

You can clip your image and mask together a couple of ways.
Highlight your image layer. Hold down the alt key and click on the line between the image layer and the mask. Find that difficult? Go to Layer, Group with Previous. (top tool bar)
Or the shortcut is, make sure your picture layer is highlighted and hit Alt Ctrl G
After your image is clipped, you can move it around or resize it as you like.

I have a photo example of what the layers should look like once they are grouped together here. 

Here are two examples that I made recently. My sweet little Abby.
Grand-babies are why God made children. 

Subscribe today so you don't miss any FREEBIES!  Hope you Enjoy!
Not sure if anyone is getting these are not. Please let me know? 

~kimi~ Or as Abby calls me, Lolli

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A little sharpening tip for your pictures.

I love this time of year in Louisiana. We never really get a cold hard winter here, that is very rare. But, every year when it is time for the kiddos to head back to school my Spider Lilies bloom. A little surprise of a flower. They come up from the dirt with just a straight stalk and the flower explodes on the top. No warning at all. The greenery comes later to feed the bulb. Today I share a pic that I took a few days ago of my red ones.

So, lets talk about how it was processed...
I am shooting a Nikon D800 in raw. I open my pics in Lightroom because I an not a Bridge lover. I mainly use Lightroom as a file organizer, rarely do I edit in LR. I will set my white balance there. So easy!! On this image I used a preset called, Sunflare Left (RAW Pretty Preset) 2, I searched and can't find where I got it from. SORRY. Then I opened into Phtoshop. I am working in CS5. Next I ran Coffee Shops free action called Velvet Cream. I will be honest.... I use this action on so many of my pics. Here is what I do, it is very versatile.(the link is bellow)
I run the action, turn off all of the layers from top to bottom. Then I start at the bottom layer above my original image and I think, does this make it better or worse?  The first is a is a sharpening layer. I never ever ever sharpen my entire image. I always selectively sharpen. So on this layer, I will mask in the part that I want to be sharp. Then I keep going up the layers turning them on and off as I go, masking bits and pieces if need be.

Now, that I have rambled on... non of that was my sharpening tip. After I am finished with the action. I use a keyboard shortcut to combine all my working layers into one image. By not flattening the layers together, I can go back and make any changes down the road. Make sure your top working layer is highlighted. Then hit Ctrl, Shift, Alt E. Once you have your new combined layer, I duplicate and go to Filter, Other, High Pass. I have my settings on 6.5. (I can't tell you why, this is just what I have found to work over the years.) Now, you have 2 options, you can change your blend mode to Overlay or Softlight. If I am using this to sharpen things on a portrait; eyes, lips, etc. I will always use Softlight, If I am sharpening a thing like a barn or a pine cone, I will use Overlay. Adjusting the opacity as needed so it looks real. Give this a try and see what you think?! The High Pass filter is in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Here is a link to The Coffee Shops Velvet Cream action.

Here is a link to Pretty Presets shop. 

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FREE Chevron Papers

Hi everyone, Welcome to kimi kreations!!!! If you are one of my old and dear friends that used to stop by for freebies or photo tips.... I am glad to see you! If you are new, WELCOME!

Here are the first of many freebies to come.
This is what I am going to do, I am going to offer the freebies for 48 hours, after that I will have them for sale in my old an neglected shop that I am going to reopen. The point here is getting people to subscribe so they are getting the freebies!! So make sure you subscribe. :-)

My "terms of use" are as follows:
You may use them for Personal and Commercial use. As long as the commercial use is not reselling them. If you make a card for a client. That is fine. You may not RESELL them.

You get seven Chevron Papers. All are 12x12 at 300 dpi.
What I ask in return is... share this with your friends, on forums, on Facebook, anywhere you think someone might be interested. Also, let me know what you like, give me hints for things to make and let me know which paper you think will work best for you so I know which direction to keep going.

You can download (sorry time is up, subscribe so you don't miss out)


Now get out there and spread the word!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to come home....

Things have been crazy busy... but I have decided that I need to take the time, to do the things that make me happy. That means coming back to my blog and making goodies to give away or helping you learn to edit your pictures a little better! 

Things are going to change as I go along. The design may change, ads will be added to help you find the goodies you are searching for out there in cyber space. (maybe goodies you didn't even know you needed)

I will ramble on about my work, personal life, etc.
And.... freebies will be given freely with lots of love. So, I encourage you to sign up, follow along so you don't miss anything. I am thinking of putting a deadline on freebies, such as it being available for download only for 48 hours. Subscribe so you don't miss anything!

Here is a sample of some of the first things that will be given away.
A cool chevron paper and the black bits or a brush set that I am working on. If you look on the paper, you see little flowers and dots, those are included in the brush set with lots of others. I have so many at this point... I will probably break it into 2 sets.

Everything should start rolling out in the next few days! =)

Time for me to come home.... I've been missing you!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free Frame

Hi guys.... yes, I am still here from time to time. I made a new frame today and thought I would share. You can download it here.   kim frame - tan
This is what it looks like, a picture is my daughter Holly and her daughter Abby.

 photo kimiframewabby.jpg


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Creative Share Site :)

Hi everyone....

I stumbled across this new site. They are trying to create a market place kind of like Etsty but for creative items that were made by a mouse. It should be a fun place to find cool and interesting things.

It is called "Creative Market" handcrafted, mousemade.
New market site where you can sell and buy, fonts, brushes etc, Early members, who join, get some freebies, and if you use this link, I get some credits too :)

Click on the link below to join.

If you join... don't forget to click on the freebie tab, and choose some goodies.
The freebies are only available until the site goes public. So if you are interested, you would need to sign up soon. =)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snowflake Paper

Is there anybody out there?

Hi guys, yep I am still around!! Life just got in the way of my poor neglected blog.
I was looking for a paper to use on our Christmas Cards and couldn't find what I was after, so I made my own.
Then thought.... Let's Share!! :-)

So for everyone that hasn't given up on me, here you go.


Download here
kimi_Snow Paper
Normal Terms Of Use Apply. You May Not Sell It As Your Own.

I miss you all! {hugs}

Monday, July 18, 2011


So everyone has their own interpretation of what ART is.
As photographers, we tend to fall into 2 categories. The minimalist. (a person who tends to stay true to his image)
For the sake of discussion, we will call the other... the "non" minimalist. :0)
Now I will gladly say, I am certainly a "non" minimalist!

I wanted to share one of my latest images with you. It is a picture of my daughter Holly. I saw an image by another photographer and wanted to try and capture something close. I love how the image came out. It truly does represent Holly. She is not the smiley happy kid. At 20 she has grown into her own person, she is deep and focused.

I used a simple Gradient Map to change the image to black and white.
I used the spot healing brush to tidy up her face.
I added a texture that had a brownish tone. I duplicated the texture so I had two layers. On the bottom layer I changed the blend mode to softlight. The layer that was above it was left on normal mode and bits of it were masked away using a layer mask.
I wanted the darker side darker, so one side of her face was darken using the burn tool. I had her leaning against a window frame. Truthfully my shutter was slow and I had to sharpen her face to get the image to work.
So.... go forth and look around. Find an image you like and try master the effect. It will push you to new levels.

I give you Holly as Art?!
You decide.....

As a side note, this image was picked as Pioneer Woman's 1st place in one of her black & white competitions. I must not be the only one that got it! I jumped for joy!!! YAY!


{hugs to everyone}

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A free textrure for you today!

Hi Everyone... Yes, I am still here. My creativity is still alive and well!
Not long ago, hubby and I snuck off for a weekend alone. I of course was playing with the camera on my iphone on one of our walks. So today I share with you one of the images I took. A perfectly good texture.
Taken with my Hipstamatic App. :0)


You can download HERE. Enjoy!!
One of the things I have been doing lately with my textures is this. Select a midtone color from the texture with your eye dropper tool. Select a soft brush and reduce the opacity of the texture a bit to see your subject underneath. (do this while you are still in normal mode) Paint directly on the texture with the selected color. This will keep the texture tone but get rid of the grungy bits on your focal point. Raise your opacity back up and finish the brushing. Now change your blend mode to soft light.
Easy Peazy!!

{hugs to everyone}

P. S. I did not include a TOU but you know the drill. Don't sell it as your own.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pointing you to some freebies

A couple of wonderful finds that I have come across recently.
I am loving it more than I can say... Coffee Shops Velvet Cream Action.
I find myself using it on almost every image lately. So easy to tweak to your liking!
Dig around on her site. Add her to your Google Reader!! A Must!
Another wonderful share is Jessica Drossin's free Autumn texture.

I have a friend that loaned me his 200mm macro lens yesterday to play with.
Here is one of the first images I have taken with it.

I used the Coffee Shop Velvet Cream Action and added Jessica's texture.
Run and get them now. And... don't forget to leave them a Thank You!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm still here!

Hi everyone!!!
Yes, I am still alive. LOL!!
Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way. I had to take on a second job and my time has been so very limited. Please know... I miss you all. (heart hug)
I had to do something for myself. I was starting to feel so very unhappy. I decided it was up to me to find my bliss. I went searching and Jessica was offering a new class. Just what I needed!! sigh... No, I am still not finished with all of the lessons but I had such a great time and learned so very much. Anyway, I was inspired to create a few papers and of course I had to share.
So I have for you today... 3 damask papers. Here is a sample.

Click here to download. Enjoy!

And since my camera also keeps me sane, I have to share of few of my latest images...




I promise to check back in soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Applying textures to your images

I have had lots of people lately still asking about applying textures to their images.
So I give you a video tutorial. =)

Now, I went pretty fast because I knew it was going to be a large video, so watch it a couple of times if you get lost. All of the textures came from Shadowhouse Creations
They are all free but make sure you leave Jerry a big thank you!
If you have any question, leave them in the comment section and I will try to answer them. If you want to learn about running a sketch technique on one of your images, check over at the Photoshop Creative Elements forum. Lots of sketch techniques have been posted there in the past. (check it out)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adding a copyright banner to your picture

Hi Everyone!!!

Well life is getting pretty much back to normal after the wedding.
It took at least a week for my mushy brain to start to return to it's normal functions. LOL!
So, as I look to what my future will be I have a few things in the works.
I have access to a building and I am thinking of opening a Studio. (exciting and scary)
I am also thinking of putting together some Beginner PS Element video classes. I have a site that has agreed to host the classes and it has access to a forum to ask questions and a gallery to post class images. I am just not sure if people would be interested. I would love to know how you learned to edit your images? Are you still learning?
I know, I was lucky enough to find a beginner class when I got my first copy of Elements. If not, I think I would still be fumbling around. I really would love to hear some feedback on this. Opinions, questions, 2 cents???

Now on to the video. I have a friend that sent me an e-mail with a picture attached wanting me to explain to her how to achieve the watermark on the image. So the easiest thing to do was to create a video to explain. I hope you enjoy it!!
EDIT: Rosie was kind enough to share how to make the copyright symbol on a Mac. Option+g

Click on the video to bring you to You-Tube, then look on the bottom right corner, second button over and click on expand. It will make it easier to watch. I thought I recorded bigger than I did. (sorry)

And here are a couple of pictures of Kristen from her Bridal shots.
Photography by Erin Falgout
Thanks so much to everyone for the good wishes!




Saturday, July 31, 2010

Before and After Video

I know, I know.... I have neglected my poor blog sinfully!
But anyone that knows me, knows we are on Wedding Countdown.
2 weeks from today, my daughter Kristen will marry the love of her life. So bear with me guys, my crazy life will get back to normal soon.

I have a video for you today. Yes it has been awhile since I posted a video and watching it back, I think I must have said the word "um" at least 100 times. LOL!!!
In the groove, I am not. I know I tend to go too fast and use shortcuts without saying what they are. So if you have questions about something I did. Just post a comment and I will gladly answer. =)

Here is the before shot.

Here is the After image.

Here is the video of the steps I took.

EDIT: I had to change the upload to YouTube, it was too long for Photobucket to handle. It think it plays all the way through now. Let me know if you still have problems.

I miss you guys and hope everyone is well.
Thanks again for being a subscriber!
{{Big Hug}}

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Playin with some new actions

I found this great new blog to follow.
Isabelle Lafrance Photography
I added it to my Google reader immediately!! Super great info with actions for both CS and Elements, to purchase and as freebies.
I tried her freebie called... "In the land of fairies" on my image.
The freebie pack can be found here. But don't just go and download, spend some time and browse around. Lots of wonderful information. Oh and remember to leave her some thank you love...

Kristen and Dustin and a bunch of pink balloons

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do you want to improve your creativity?

Today is day one of "Creativity Boot Camp".
I hope to find the time to participate in some of the activities.
It is free and open to anyone!
Check it out! What a wonderful way to start your summer vacation.

Here is my entry for Ivory. One of my Grandmother's old plates.
It has such wonderful memories for me. You can see she loved it dearly.
It was well used and now sits on display in my living room.
I miss her...

Here is the Flickr site where some of the other entries or posted.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's Your Play - no. 95

Working one of Dolcepics. You can go here to see the original.
This is open to anyone, so go ahead and give it a try.
Remember... there is NO right or wrong. Just your own creativity!

Here is my play.

I loved the vintage feel of the image. I added in an image of Kristen, moved the frame down and straightened it.
Happy Saturday.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing hugs and kisses to everyone this Mother's Day.



Friday, May 7, 2010

How to install a font.

A quick video to help you install extra fonts into your computer.
You can find some free ones here at

I know... the zoom went a little crazy. I forgot to turn that part off before I started recording. Sorry!
Post any questions you might have in the comment section.
Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do you want your images to look better?

Boy I sure do miss you guys. Work has gotten so busy and the wedding planning is in full force. We are only 3 months and 2 weeks away. Yesterday they booked their honeymoon and I am told, did the happy dance. =)

I belong to quite a few forums on the web. They all offer something different an unique. It is hard to say which one I enjoy the most or get the most out of but....
If you like to take pictures and want to improve your technique and style by getting info from professionals, yes professionals. I want to invite you to come and join the Phaunt forum. This used to be a private forum and as of today is open to anyone. You MUST use your real name when you register and post in the new section. Someone will come along and give you permission to get in. I can't begin to express how much I have learned there. So I invite you to come on over and expand you horizons. You won't be sorry. Yes, beginners are welcome.
Phaunt forum.

On a different note. I have found a new blog to follow that I really enjoy. I would also like to share that with you. It is called. It's Times Like These It is written by Johnna. Add this one to your reader, it is a must. Today she has free actions. Remember to tell her thank you. Everyone likes a thank you. :-)

Today, I give you Spring...

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just don't get it?

A Rant for today...
OK, my life has become totally overwhelmed and engrossed with wedding details. I have spent loads of time finding wedding photographers and wedding info on blogs, then adding them to my Google reader. I then wait happily for them to post something daily. For hints of things I am forgetting to do, things I don't even know I am forgetting. Truthfully, they have been loads of help!! The internet really is a wonderful place. I read about wedding stuff (Weddings are all about stuff) and drool over some fantastic images. BUT... why the heck do so many of the high end photographers continually take engagement session images of couples with mad faces. Isn't this supposed to be the most wonderful time of their life? Scowling engagement images, what the heck am I missing here? Is this what they want to share with the family? Look back on and remember? I would love for someone to enlighten me. Maybe I am just stuck in Kristen and Dustin land. They cannot be together and not smile, it's an impossibility. Even if it meant scowling would save the world from coming to an end. They glow, they giggle, they HAVE to touch each other. Holly, the loyal sister, lovely maid of honor... makes gagging noises. =)

For today's image. I give you the lovely couple. One of the more sedate images from their engagement session. They may not be full out smiling but I dare you to say, they don't glow.


A simple way to have the same processing effect on your images.
Duplicate your image and change to a black and white.
Reduce the opacity of the black and white image until you like the muted tone.
Create a new blank layer above and fill with a soft yellow. Changing the blend mode to softlight.
Now reduce the opacity until you like the color amount.

Happy Thursday.

In case you are wedding crazy also. Here are a few of my favs!
None of these are who I speak of. ;-)
One White Dress
She Walks In Beauty
Snippet & Ink
The Bride's Cafe

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We had such Easter fun yesterday. Everyone came together for a big egg dye and hunt.
Kristie and Grace came over, dyed a couple of eggs and then hid the entire bunch for us to find.
We had a great time. Kristen fond the golden egg and won $5. Dustin found the most, he also cracked all but one of his eggs in the dying process. We had to laugh...
It was such fun, I can't wait to play again next year.

Here is my favorite egg.
It is done using food coloring, a damp paper towel and crumpled aluminum foil.

Here is a group shot of some of our dyed eggs. Can you find the golden egg? =)
I love this, It symbolizes our family. Dustin's, New York Yankee's egg, Holly's swirly artistic egg, Kristen's, zig zaggy egg, Mike has the Faberge look alike. Boy, did we laugh at that one. The second green one on the left front is the one Grace designed and the blue rabbit is Kristie's creation. Most of the ones that look like the one above are mine but Dustin got into my effect toward the end. I hope your day was filled with family and lots of colorful smiles.

I have two 12x12 Scrap papers to give away at "The Shop" to Celebrate the holiday. But I am off to plant flowers in the front yard so they probably won't get posted until tomorrow.
So sign up for notifications or check back. I hope everyone had a very blessed day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

have you seen Jerry's weeds??

Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations (AKA, Ghostbones) has been posting the most wonderful weed images using his free textures.
He has also posted an in-depth tut on how he made his "Thistle" image. Certainly a must read!!

Well, it is that time of year again. The yearly dandelion hunt. I drove around a few days ago and there were none to be found close to home. Kristen was kind enough to bring me home two she found today at school. We tried taking shots while she was blowing. Between her blowing too hard and my shutter speed not being fast enough... most were bombs. But here is one before we started.
I was using my 200mm zoomed all the way out to get the most blur out of my background and the smallest aperture number the lens had to offer for the smallest depth of field. And I searched for the perfect green background so the white would have contrast. I also focused on the weed and held down my focus lock button so the focus wouldn't change while I shot on continuous. Always good to add a little planning to your images before you start. =)


A little about the processing.
I started in LR. I used Matt K. preset "vintage New York 1 on the image before opening in CS3.
Then I added two of Jerry's textures. (Ghost 5 & A Painted 2, both blend modes changed to softlight)
The texture adds such wonderful depth of field. It seems to attach itself to the background and it gives the illusion that the flower is in the foreground. Granted both of those statements are true but it did not pop like this until the textures where added.

So I bid you to go forth and search out your own dandelions!! Be inspired...
Promise to post my next try. Hopefully I can manage some action next time. Live and learn, right?
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "Save the Date" cards.

I know... you are thinking I must have been abducted by aliens. I promise to start doing a better job of keeping up my blog.
Please forgive me?
I wanted to share the kids Save the Date card I designed. It has hit everyone in the family and Kristen said it was fine for me to share. =)

I started with a blank document in a 5x7 format.
Combined some of my textures from Jerry and created the background.
Browsed the web for inspiration and came up with this.
The Polaroid frame is the one that is for sale in my frame set at "The Shop".
The tape is mine also. I came up with most of the design on my own.
I knew we had a dark brown card so when we went out to take engagement photos, I processed the image to go with the theme of the card. I fell in love with the picture the minute I saw it. It is the oozing love image.

So here you go...



I know that sending out Save the Dates is a rather new concept. Some of the older folks really don't have a clue as to what they are. (No, I am not calling anyone older) So, I wanted to make sure I added the words "invitation to follow". Here in our town you can't submit your engagement info to the local newspaper until about 3 weeks before the wedding so this has become the new standard for letting friends and family know about the good news.

I promise to be back soon. I have big things planned!
Happy Wednesday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, Freebie for you!

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time really does go by too fast.
So to celebrate I have posted a birthday freebie at "The Shop".
And because I have to have an image to go with every post,
Down here in Louisiana, I give you spring...

On my walk yesterday. My neighbors Japanese Magnolia blooming.
I ran the Orton Effect and added a tan colored texture, changing the blend mode to soft light.
pretty huh? =)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you tried Wordle?

Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations posted a very cool image today. It was made possible by Wordle. I made one for Kristen and Dustin. I thought we could somehow use it on their thank you cards. All you do is type all of the words you want to use, I typed them in Word. Then you copy and paste into the word area on Wordle and hit go. You can use the randomize button and keep getting different patterns. Scrappers should love this!

Click on the image to get a bigger view.
Wordle: kristen and dustin

It is such fun. Go and try it out!
Wordle can be found here

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Using Photo Filters

Let's talk about using a photo filter.

You will find this feature in Elements and in Photoshop under your black and white adjustment layer icon in your layers palette. The first thing the human eye goes for in an image is the brightest spot. Normally we want this to be a face or an eye to make our images really stand out. In one of the photos I posted a while back, it had the kids holding a sign that said "Marry Me". I used a small aperture so the kids would be blurry and focused on the sign. This worked ok. But every time I looked at it, my eyes still went to their faces before the sign. So I went in and played with a couple of photo filters. I added sepia, orange and yellow, adjusting the opacity until I liked the effect. Because photo filters fall under an adjustment layer. All I had to do was mask the color off of the sign so it stayed white. I am much happier with the image. Take a look at the new version and go back a few post to look at the original. Do you see it??
Which one do you like?

On a separate note...
I have been getting loads of request for some of the items I have given as freebies in the past.
Today I have posted for sale, all of my damask papers in "The Shop".
Take a look.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A video tip.

Hi Everyone...
I have new recording software that I am trying to learn, so I offer you a video tip.
Thanks to Joanie for letting me know this applies to PSE7 also.
Look for a big announcement coming soon! =)

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shots from today.

Went out today in the cold and did some engagement shots for my daughter Kristen and her fiance Dustin. Did I mention... It was Cold!!!!! They are such a fun couple to be around. You can feel the love oozing out of them. Do you think love really oozes? I swear, it oozes! =) They are both 24 and it is so wonderful to think of the life they have ahead of them. (and of course the grandchildren I will one day be graced with) Here are two of my favorites from the day.

Marry Me


Let's talk a little about what I did in the processing.
On the top one I changed to a black and white using a gradient map. I duplicated the image, went into the filter menu under Distort and added a diffused glow. Reduced the opacity of the glow layer until it was only around 20% opacity. Added in 2 of Nicole Van's textures for effect.

On the bottom image, which I love, love, love!! It has the oozing love. =)
I changed the image to a black and white using the gradient map again. Added a copy of my color layer on top and reduced the color layers opacity until I liked the look. Then I got teary eyed and knew I was there. Added one of Nicole's textures here also. It is called.. Chic Washed.

Hope you had some Love today.

My tip again...
Do you know that you can use Ctrl + to zoom in on most web pages that you view. Try it on my blog. Ctrl - will zoom out. I do this all of the time. Some blogs fits nicely on my screen and some, I like the fonts and pictures a little larger. It works great when trying to read forums also.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine Quick Page

Just had to share my finished product. I used the quick page offered in my Valentine Package. (posted today at "The Shop") It includes a 4x6 frame that is complete with grunge, texture and it's own built in shadow effect.
I love how the kids hands seem to work perfect!

Thanks for stopping by...
Hope you are having a Wacky Wednesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Unnoticed Beauty

Brittney over at the Phaunt forum has started a blog called Unnoticed Beauty. Her goal is to post an image a week regarding the beauty she finds in everyday things. So with that in mind I went out in the cold this morning looking for beauty in my own unnoticed world. I found a frost covered Camellia flower freezing in my front yard.
I give you my version of... winters petals.

I did very little processing. Selectively sharpening just the center. I added the sugar plum fairy texture from my 12 days of Christmas give-away. I changed the textures blend mode to soft light, bumped the yellow up a tad and added a vignette.
So my wish for you is to go out and find the unnoticed beauty in your everyday world.

On a separate note... No, I have not fallin off the face of the earth. LOL!
I am teaching an Beginner Elements class the last 2 weeks of January and I have been working on my lesson plans. Hopefully, I come up with a few goodies to share here. Hope the new year is treating you with lots of love.

A tip before I go. Do you know that you can use Ctrl + to zoom in on most web pages that you view. Try it on my blog. I do this all of the time. Some blogs fits nicely on my screen and some, I like the font a little larger. It works great when trying to read forums also. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A funky Christmas texture...

So I saw this really cool image on facebook yesterday morning. A clump of small red Christmas berries. She/He had a lovely fading background and at least one texture added to the image. It blew me away!!! The simplicity of the image, the background, the texture... made that little clump of berries into ART. I wonder how many times a day someone walks by the little clump without ever really looking at the possibilities? I tried and tried to find the image again so I could give that person the recognition they deserve but I can't. :( It is like it vanished into the night.
I knew I had no Christmas berries around my house and I had about 15 minutes free yesterday before I had to leave for work. I knew the tree next to my house had seed pods. So off I went to try and get the same effect. I had been inspired! But... while focusing on my little seed pods, I thought what a lovely background this is making. So with my camera still set to focus on the pods, I moved over so I got just the background. Looks like Christmas lights doesn't it. All it is, is leaves. Possibilities are everywhere!!! It screamed out... I am a texture; shoot me! =)
I added a few other bits to it for some jazz.

So here is my seed pod image before applying my texture.

And here it is with my texture added.

I did mask the texture off of the pods and gave it a soft vignette.
Now neither of these live up to the image of the little red Christmas berries but I found a texture I would not have had. "Possibilities"
It is the "On the 7th day of Christmas" freebie at kimi kreations "The Shop".

Some info about the shot. I was using my 18-200mm lens. This had become my go to lens when I want a soft blurry background. Zoomed out to 200mm I get this dreamy blur of a background. So try and remember, the longer the lens, the nicer the background. I want to say my aperture was set to 5.6.

Now I am off to look for a small clump of red Christmas berries.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

a MUST follow blog!!

Do you have any Ghostbone textures?
Well Jerry has started his own blog called Shadowhouse Creations.
He is posting freebies there and it has a link to all of his textures on flicker.
Go on over and subscribe, this is a site you don't want to miss!!
His creations are truly inspiring. =)

Hope everyone had a great holiday?
See you on Dec. 1st at "The Shop" for the 12 days of Christmas give-away.

Here is one of my latest image with 2 of Jerry's textures applied.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

12 days of Christmas freebies

The shop is going to celebrate the first 12 days of Christmas with a freebie a day!
The freebie will be available for download for 24 hours only, with a new one posted for the next 24 hours.
Those e-mails will go out to participants that have signed up to be notified at "The Shop".
Spread the word!!
So run don't walk and subscribe NOW!! =)
kimi kreations "The Shop"
I won't tell what they are... I want you to be surprised each day.
See you on December 1st.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Scrapbooking Paper

Hi Everyone.

Thing have been frantic here. We spent the week looking on the internet and going to every store close to us so Kristen could try on wedding dresses. We thought we had plenty of time for this. But she found one she loved that was being discontinued. She had to make sure that was the one she truly wanted. Of course it was the very first one she tried on. It looked so much like her. Young, romantic and beautiful. So that sent us on a dress frenzy. Now that THE wedding dress has been ordered. She is on to bridesmaid colors. This week it is eggplant. A gorgeous dark purple with a hint of magenta in it. That is the color stuck in my head so I made a freebie paper.
It is posted at "The Shop".
I do hope you have subscribed to the shop. I have some really nice goodies planned. I will start sending out subscriber notices to just those that have subscribed there. Some people are here at the blog only to learn, I hate to bother everyone with e-mail notices. So if you visit here because you like me and my freebies. =) Subscribe at the shop or you will start missing out.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you have a safe and happy day!

Freebie at kimi kreations The Shop Enjoy! ~kimi~
inspired by Skeletal Mess

Yah, Frame Set in the Shop!

Grand Opening Sale in The Shop!!
The first item went live today. Yippee
A frame set.

frame set example

I do hope you have subscribed?
Freebie there tomorrow to celebrate!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's talk Clipping Mask

After reading Pioneer Woman's Photography post about making an image with rounded corners, I thought I would go over using a clipping mask one more time.
This concept is great because it uses non-destructive editing.

Here is one I made with an image of little Miss G.

I used PW's Lovely & Ethereal and her Seventies action on the image.
I used the rounded rectangle shape and made my shape. Distressed the edges, then saved it as a png file.

From the bottom layer going up....
You will have your background color, lets say white.
Then you add your mask to the next layer up.
Then your image goes on top.

You can clip your image and mask together a couple of ways.
Highlight your image layer. Hold down the alt key and click on the line between the image layer and the mask. Find that difficult? Go to Layer, Group with Previous. (top tool bar)
After your image is clipped, you can move it around or resize it as you like. But you image stays in it's original condition. Hence non-destructive editing. =)

Hope you try making your own!!
If you still need more help. Scroll way down and I have a screen shot. The post was labeled "Freebie time".

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Texture Tutorial

Skeletal Mess (aka Ghostbones) has posted a wonderful tutorial about how he processes his Art. Not at all what I was doing! Do go and give it at try! I just love it when I am learning something new!
Here is the tutorial. The Resting Place
I also just posted it as kimi's Kreative homework #68, so do check in if you get a chance and let's see what the others have come up with. =)

Here is my take on his instructions.

I used the same two suggested textures with the same opacities that he used. I did have to go back and use levels to lighten it after changing my blend mode to multiply. Lastly I used the burn tool and burned around the edges. See how the dark edges make your eyes go inward?

Happy Weekend Everyone!!