Brushes, Brushes... Everyone Loves Brushes!

This is one of the very first things I ever did using a brush. I made a set of 3 prints for my daughter. She way going away to college and wanted something to decorate with. They were all made using Strange Angel brushes, created by Annika Von Holt. I was so excited.... I thought they looked like Art. Open a new document, choose a nice brown color and stamp away. The link to her brushes are below.

Click on an Image to get a bigger view.

Here are few of my favorite sites. Dig around in here and you should be able to find just about anything your little heart desires. :~)

Now if you are a brushaholic like I am. You will want to make a separate brush folder for all of these new toys. This has quite a few advantages... you will have your brushes in a separate folder if you ever upgrade your software and you won't bog down you current software.

Go into Documents and create a New Folder and name it Downloaded Photoshop Brushes.
Save you new brushes there. The next time you open your brushes in Photoshop, choose load. Navigate to the new folder you created in Documents. Photoshop or Elements will remember that path and go there from now on.
Happy Brushing!


SusanD said…
Oh my gosh! I am blown away by this! I couldn't quite get a grasp on the gradient, but the lightning and this!! Wow! I will have to give up sleeping in favor of learning, sorta like college, but then unwillingly. I so appreciate you sharing your talent!!!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks so much for the kind words Susan. :)
Lillykins said…
Thanks for pointing me here Kimi - my brush collection is so much neater now I don't have to keep scrolling up and down trying to find everything

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