Find Your Style...

Have you found your style?
The internet is a wonderful thing. It gives you the opportunity to spend time looking at all types of work, some you will like and some you will not. You will find yourself trying to create the kind of images that appeal to you. After trial and error, you will find your own rhythm and your own style. :~)

I bring this up because of my struggle with Scrapping. I just couldn't get it. I could do it technically but I didn't like the look of it. When I was first introduced to Scrapping it was at a very traditional site. I have learned I don't really care for traditional. ;) Once I learned I could put my own style into effect, it was a joy to do!

Scrapper's Guide is having an Ornament Contest. You had to follow the video instructions and create and ornament and then add your ornament to a Scrap page. Going beyond normal or traditional, here is the page that I submitted. (full of kimi style)
"The Sugar Plum Fairy".

Click on image for a bigger view.


Debi Putnam said…
Kimi ... this is gorgeous! I love it that you were true to your style and that you found the joy in scrapping! Never change ... I love you just the way you are. TFS GF!
Carol Dillon said…
Kimi, I love what you have done with this page! She truely looks like a fairy!

I have found my digi scrapping style is quickly following my paper scrapping style. I am very linear and organised, but also love admiring all the different styles out there!
Carol :-)
kimi kreations said…
Carol... I think you have great style. :~)

Thanks for the nice words!
Kari said…
Truly amazing!! I think finding your style and being true to it is so important ... in art and in life :) Your creative mind sees things in a way that is so captivating - I love to see what you create and appreciate that you take the time to share HOW you created it! Kudos on another spectacular work of art!!
Kristie said…
WOW... I only saw the original of Kristen actaully blowing a kiss, this picture is fantastic!

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