A Great Shortcut Tip!

Have you ever worked on an image, merged down and found your image no longer looks the same after you merged your layers together? This tip is a life saver...

Instead of merging your layers together. How about creating a new layer with all of your work combined.
Highlight your top layer. Press Ctrl, Shift, Alt and E all at the same time. This will combine your work on a brand new layer. It's great, wonderful, fantastic! Easy Peasy. :~)

I had a photo shoot this weekend. Here are 2 of my images.
(she bought both of them, yeah!)
............................ Everyone, this is Maddie.

Click on an Image to get a bigger view.


DawnS said…
Thanks for the tip Kimi...very helpful. The photos of Maddie are gorgeous. Congrats on your success with your photography!!!
Carol Dillon said…
Kimi, the photos are stunning!
Carol :-)
DeedeeO said…
Kimi, these are fantastic! And your tips are fabulous!! Thank you!!
Kari said…
Really stunning photos!! Congrats on your first sale :) I will definitely have to try the tip about using the new layer instead of merging layers, too!
Kristie said…
I can not even begin to tell you how many people have commented on and LOVED those two pictures. I framed the 8x10 of Maddie in the vest and put it on the table in the den, it's the first thing most people see. The other is framed as well, but it's with my other pictures. Both are in my office as well. I need to get some cards because everyone is asking who did them! I have never been moved by a picture, when I saw these of Madison, I got teary eyed! Your pictures truly are a work of art! Can wait to do some more!
Kimi, that is one FANTASTIC tip. And, BTW, the photographs are gorgeous. Thank you.

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