Here is my Vintage Image

Click on an image for a larger view.

This is my neighbor Grace. Cutie isn't she!
I did a few things... I followed yesterday's tutorial on my original image. I then duplicated that layer and applied the Orton effect to the original image. Combined my layers into one image using the shortcut Ctrl, Alt, Shift E. I then deleted everything but my original and the Orton layer. Next I used a layer mask to make her eyes and lips clear from the original. I then lowered the opacity of the Orton layer, used the earlier shortcut to combine the layers into a new image yet again. Applied a chocolate filter to the new image and an Antique frame. I am not sure where I downloaded the frame? If someone knows, please leave a comment and I will add the link.
Thanks so much for looking.
Hope you have a great day!

As a side note: If you do not know how to apply the Orton Effect? The directions are coming soon. See you then.


DeedeeO said…
Kimi_Boo!!! Wow!!! cool ideas to add to Vintage... I love this photo!!!
Diane said…
Beautiful picture - thanks for the info - I am going to have to try that out - I just love the soft vintage looks.
Veevs said…
Beautiful Kimi! I am going to make some time and spend ages going through everything on your blog!
kimi kreations said…
Hi Denise, Diane and Veevs.
Thanks so much for the nice comments. I too think Grace's picture came out very nice. Interesting effect. :~)
Jackie said…
Oh Kimi that picture is stunning
Chrystal said…
wow. clearly, I need to spend more time on your blog. :)
Kari said…
Gorgemous!!! Thanks for always sharing your creativity - I need to print all of this info our so I can follow along :)

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