Stepping outside the box again...

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This is my daughter Kristen. (awfully cute, isn't she?) Here is her image straight out of the camera. I liked the color version just fine but that harsh black shadow from the flash drives me bananas. So I had to look at other options.

First I cropped the image. Used Nicole Vans black and white action. Then I used my paint brush and brushed black into all of the area that still showed in the background.
This is what I now have. A very nice image but Kristen was not impressed.

So I had to take it a step further. I samples her face color with the eye dropper tool, made a new layer and started digging in my grunge brushes. I would stamp 4 or 5 on a layer, make a new blank layer and keep going.

Using her face color kept everything in the same tones. When I was happy with my grunge, I merged just the grunge layers together. Then using a soft edge brush I erased anything that overlapped onto her face, hair and neck.

Last I added just a hint of sepia to it, really reducing the opacity until it barley showed.
So now my 22 year old has a new edgy myspace picture.
(and all is right with her world)
well... at least for today.

So remember, you have all of the control. Take that camera image and kreate a piece of ART.
Have a happy and kreative day!

Here are a few sites that offer grunge brushes. I have directions for starting a separate brush folder on this blog. Scroll down and look for the post labeled. Brushes, Brushes... Everyone loves brushes!

Grunge brushes at Brusheezy
Great Corner Grunge

I would love to see what you come up with. Please feel free to post a link to your image in the comment area.


Linda said…
Brilliant! I love the outcome. And your daughter is gorgeous.
Denise Olson said…
I love the workup of the grunge photo, Kimi. See, you have your own graphic authority going on!!
SusanD said…
I can't wait to try this! Your daughter is gorgeous! BTW email notification is working! Thank you.
Debi Putnam said…
Fabulous Kimi!!!! I love the final outcome. But of course, your DD is gorgeous in all of them. Your talent shines so brightly!!!!

Finally got your email notification. I guess it took time to kick in.

Love your blog. Proud to say I know you!
kimi kreations said…
Kisses and Hugs to everyone!!
Dawn said… know you are sooo creative...!!!! wonderful!!
Jackie said…
Oh she is just too pretty :)
Joan said…
I just love it. Fooled around myself a little and it was so easy to do. Thanks
SusanD said…
I am stopping by to visit to let you know that you've been tagged! Go to my blog post called I've been tagged for the details on what to do.

Have fun! :o)

I am still working on this tut. I didn't care for my first attempt!

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