A Before & After...

I am finally able to unload the images that have been sitting in my camera. Here I am starting all over. (sigh...)
Remember to back up your back ups!!!!

One of the first images I had a chance to play with.
My 22 year old daughter Kristen.

I post this so you remember....
Get in there and play around. What comes out of your camera is your starting place not the finish line.

Here is the image as it came out of the camera.Not that bad?
But after playing in Elements and CS3 for a short while this became my final image.

Click on an image for a bigger view.

Here is a quick tip I used on her image.

If you have Elements 5, 6 or CS.
Make a copy of you image and under filters choose Correct Camera Distortion.
When the menu opens. Turn off the grid check box. Under Vignette, take your amount and mid point sliders and pull them to the left until you like the results. Instant Vignette. :)

Have a Nice Weekend everyone!


Suzanne Earley said…
Oh, something fun to play with.

(It took me a minute to find it in CS3, though, it's Filter-Distort-Lens Correction).

Oh cool -- playing with the vertical and horizontal perspective are fun too. LOL
Veevs said…
I love all your tutorials and tips Kimi! Cant wait to try this one! Your photo is beautiful!!
Jana said…
Gorgeous daughter/gorgeous photo! Sounds simple enough so I'll definitely try it. I'm so glad you're getting your photos again! You have a nice weekend too Kimi!
SusanH said…
Great tip, Kimi. I always forget that one.
Anonymous said…
First off...your daughter is stunning!

I love your 'style' and hope you continue to share more tips!

Angela2932 said…
As usual, your work is gorgeous! Tonight, before I go to bed, I'm doing another back-up! You've scared the toes off of many, many of us (constructively, of course!)
Your daughter is beautiful..thank you so much for the great tutorials! You are so very talented.

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