Come and join our Scrap Challenges!!

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Lisa has started posting weekly scrap challenges for us at
Everyone is invited to join!!
This is my page for the current challenge.
Jessica has a beginner class running from March 3 to March 30. Registration is on February 25.
She is also running an advanced class from March 31 to April 27. Registration begins on March 24.

I highly recommend any of her classes. Everything is taught in video format and very easy to follow. So if you are looking for a way to learn your software while you have a great time.
Come and check out the site!


Thanks for leaving me love, kimi! I've been lurking on your blog for a while. Your girls are absolutely beautiful. No wonder you like taking pictures of them! Love this page. Gotta try that Orton effect!
Sunny said…
Kimi - I've been looking at Jessica's courses and trying to figure out where I'd fit in. Having worked with Elements for a few months and having taken the Layers Course at PET, do you think I'd get enough out of the Beginner's class? I'm thinking yes, since I don't have a very good artistic bent when it comes to scrapping. However, I don't want to feel as if I've wasted my money on it. Help??
Sunny said…
PS, Kimi - I'm not thinking about jumping to advanced, but maybe intermediate???
Ann said…
I love jessica's classes and hope all of you do too. Kimi you are so good to share with everyone. See ya on our spraground and in the new gallery! Love the Orton effect for this week's challenge.
SusanD said…
Just tried the Orton effect on a pic. of my son's girlfriend and also the Instant Vignette. I really like the outcome!
Stop by and check them out when you have time!
I love your tutorials!
Thank you.

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