If you were 17, would you think this was cool?

Click on any image for a bigger view.

Holly had a friend over named Hannah. (top photo)
And at this house if you sit still too long you have to submit to pictures. :)
Now they both have new matching myspace pictures.
If you were 17, would you think this was cool?

I have to tell you... I think they are pretty cool!
oh, the girls are cool too. ;)


Joan said…
Well Kimi I am 56 and I think it is way cool. Amazing in fact. You do totally awesome things with your photos and if I was 17 I would be at your house everyday getting my photo take.
Denise Olson said…
Kimi, these are not only cool, they are gorgeous!! BTW, my son thinks they are "cool" too :O) And remember that grunged up football pic I did of him. He loves it and has it featured on his MySpace too. Kids think this style is it!!! Go Kimi!!!
Anonymous said…
Very cool indeed....I love it and would love to know how to do that.

You rock Kimi !
Deb P. said…
Awesomely Gorgeous! and the girls ARE cute too! You know that I love your work.
Joanie said…
Yes, way COOL! I love these. You will start getting requests to design everybodys MySpace avatars now.
BTW, Thanks to you here, as well as at the forum, for all your fun techniques. I use the Orton effect frequently. I used it on my recent LO for the Family challenge. I love the Orton Effect. It is how my brain takes picture-memories! (joaniesbalonie.blogspot.com)
Sunny said…
You know I think it's cool...all that texture and grunge...it's what makes my clock tick.
Anonymous said…
way cool!!!! i want one for my facebook!!!! lol..you are awesome!!!
jeanne said…
I thought they were amazing but just to be sure, I asked my 19 year old and she was blown away.

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