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Let's learn the how to get that raised look from the safety pin.

Erase the area that will look like it is going through the paper. (hard edge brush)
Create a new blank layer above the layer that you want the effect applied to. (in this case, it was the frame layer.
Go to Edit, Fill and choose 50% gray.
Change your blend mode to overlay.
Select your burn tool, set to midpoints at around 18-20%.
Select a very small soft brush.
Zoom in very close. Run your burn tool in a straight line a few times to make the shadow area on both sides..
Select your dodge tool, set to highlights at around 12-14%.
Still using a very small soft brush. Run it over the top area to give a lightened effect.

Zoom back out and lower the opacity on the fill layer because I always tend to overdue the effect. ;)

Do let me know if you give it a try?

Happy Scrapping!


Lois Michael said…
That is beautiful! I love your style Kimi. I don't post much...kinda a lurker but I had to tell you how much I do appreciate all the help you, LivE and Jessica give me and everyone else that are beginners. Yoa all have created an addict1 LOL
Jan said…
I think your tutorials are great! So many little tips that can be used by relative beginners, and such well written instructions are really appreciated. Thanks for your kind generosity.

Heather said…

I am wondering how to get the raised corners on the frame too - would you kindly point me to a tut if you know of one?

Loved this one, and I went download crazy at the grunge textures sie. Thank you as always!
Joanie said…
Once again, Kimi, you rock! You always have the best "good-fing-ideas" (that's what one of my grandsons says)! Thanks for sharing this... I was one that wanted to know!
ScrappyGuy said…
your tutorials are so concise! love your work
Tori said…
Can I just say you are an amazing artist? From your photos to your design work...love it all! Wish you could come and take pictures for me. ;)
kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the nice words everyone!!

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