Still adding TEXTURE to our images.

Click on any image for a bigger view.

Take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary!!

A plain ole tree, all alone. I added about 4 if not 5 different textures to this image. They were all added on separate layers above the tree picture. Changing blend modes and lowering opacities as I went. This look is very in right now. Remember you can erase the areas that you don't want to have texture.
I hope you give your kreative juices a try!!

Here is a site with some really great free grunge textures.
Matt's lightroom killer tips has a wonderful free grunge texture. It is on the post dated January 28th, at the bottom of the page. It says click here to download the aged texture image.
That one is on my image.

I have a free scrap paper with a texture overlay added that will be available Friday morning.
...see you then!!


Tisha said…
This is fantastic. I'll have to start experimenting with a couple of photos. Thanx for sharing!
SusanD said…
This is amazing! WOW! I so appreciate you sharing your creative talent. I am awed by this technique.
kimi kreations said…
post a link if you give it a try!!
:) :)
Denise Olson said…
Hey Kimi,
Haven't forgotten about cookie sheet textures will be coming. I'll renew my download on my site tonight.
Gorgeous photo!!! I've been practicing new texture techniques all week. Its soooo much fun. thye'll hopefully be in my blog really LATE tonight.

You never seize to amaze me!!!!
kimi kreations said…
oh.. Denise, you are such a sweetheart. You keep me going girl!!
Denise Olson said…
As promised for you Kimi and to everyone else using Kimi's tutorial. This texture that I'm giving away as FREEBIE is a picture of my one and only Pampered Chef Cookie Pan Stoneware. Awesome look after some and wear and tear. It gets used daily, not just because of cookies, but dino chicken nuggets, fish sticks and french fries. I use this texture predominately to simulate the Holga camera effect (oooh, now that is something look up!!!). Enjoy!!

Denise Olson said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denise Olson said…
Here you can download it for a limited time. Just give me credit and the love that was demonstrated when using my cookie stone for making my cookies!!
kimi kreations said…
Denise.... thanks so much for sharing your texture with everyone that visit my site!! :-)
SusanD said…
Thank you Denise!
SusanD said…
Back again. Kimi, here is a link to LO with 3 pictures using your texture and another on the bicycle pic.

Mine LO is too brown looking after seeing it completed.

I am a work in progress

Thanks again!!
Kari said…
Stunning!!!! Now if I could just find a few minutes to play!

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