Use your own image as a Texture!!

Click on image for a bigger view.

Loading texture to your image.

First, you will need to save your jpeg image as a PSD file for this to work.
Now, open your jpeg image
Go to Filters, Texture, Texterizer, Load Texture.
You will get a menu of PSD files. Find the one you just saved.
You will want to set your scaling to 100% so it will match your image.
Play with the relief slider until you like the effect.
Play with the light.

Here is a screen shot for the ones that will ask how to load a texture. You click on the circle with the triangle on it. ... rywsITDSwc

It is that easy... this will add a new dimension to any type of image. Take a look at the images that have been posted in
kimi's Kreative homework this week.

Have Fun!!
Check back tomorrow for a free scrap paper using this technique. Subscribe today so you don't miss out. ;)

Edit: I have changed the top picture so the effect shows more. This is a free image that may be found at
and I know I am late on the scrap paper but work called.
It is coming soon. :)


Ann said…
WOW this does sound great and not too hard. Thanks.
Linda said…
The second photo is spectacular Kimi.

Thanks for the tip.
SusanD said…
This is such a great technique! I think I am going to become addicted to collecting textures! Thank you so much. Amazing. WOW.
And another great tip! Thanks so much, Kimi. The effect is subtle but effective where I used it.

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