Grace Giggling in the Grass!

Click any image for a bigger view.

This is my neighbor Grace. She came over this afternoon and played in my clover.
Now this is one CUTE little girl!!

I went texture crazy! :) As you can see, I am still heavy into my love affair with textures.
What do you think???
Check out Jesh de Rox's site for what some of the cutting edge Photographers are up to.

I used Nicole Van's Urban Action and some of her textures. back to my taxes. (ark!)



shmoop said…
oh, i love her!!! the photo treatment is perfect kimi!!! thanks for showing!!!
kimi kreations said…
And yes Denise....
I want to be like you when I grow up!

Denise Olson said…
You are too sweet!! Excellent job with the textures. What a cute cute girl. Gotta it more of Grace in the open grasses!! Adorable!!
Julie L. said…
Wow...Kimi--this photo is amazing! Love those actions too! I don't have CS3, I guess I have to wait on the actions from Nichole--but the photo is just beautiful.

Hi! My name is Jonni and I am a lurker (lol)!

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE all of your wonderful creations. You are one of my favorite bloggers. I have learned so much by reading your blog. Thanks for the informative posts and beautiful pictures. Your girls are beautiful as well. Take care. :)


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