kimi's Kreative homework # 22

Click on any image for a bigger view.

Click on any image for a bigger view.

The top image is my niece Sophia and the bottom image is my daughter Holly. Here is the link to kim's Kreative homework #22. We are working with some fantastic free textures from ghostbones. All of the directions and links are there. My "Kreative" assignments are open to everyone. Please feel free to join us by posting your image. We would love to see it!! :)

The first thing I did to my images was work the directions from kimi's Kreative homework #6.
The homeworks never end... if you find one that you like, please post your image.
I have another in mind so watch for that one soon. Remember... you can have the image that comes out of your camera, or you can have ART!! I do hope you give this a try...

Step outside of the box and lets see your kreativity shine!
Happy kreating!


Denise Olson said…
Excellent Kimi!!! Aren't those textures the best!!! Sent you a email with more ideas!!!
April Dawn said…
As always your photos are amazing!! You have such a good eye to go with your talent for this! Thanks for sharing!
dawns said…
Kimi...thanks for the link. I'll hop over and give it a try! I love both the photos, but the one of Holly is stunning!!!
Dawn said…
NICE!! i need to try this!! Thanks
Kelly Mills said…
Thanks for leaving me some love over a Jessica may photo a day gallery. Mine was the tree that I tried your lesson on. Well, I tried it again, this time I got it right. Don't tell anyone, but I will post tomorrow even though I took it today... Thanks so much for your lessons, I love your artistic style and enjoy learning from you...
kimi kreations said…
Hi Kelly!! :)

Look forward to seeing your next image. I think I am going to do that myself. Take a day ahead, so I have time to play with it. It is still taking an image a day. (right) LOL!

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