Kristen in Chocolate

Click on any image for a bigger view.

I should say... Kristen in a Chocolate filter. lol!
I think we may have touched on this before but lets touch on it again. Chocolate filters are all the rage! You can make your own.

new layer above your image.
here is the hex code for the brown I like to use. 3f2co2
fill blank layer with brown. change your blend mode to soft light.
reduce the opacity until you like the effect.
Done! :)

This can also be used on color images. Interesting results.
I do hope you give it a try.

Happy Weekend


SusanD said…

I was just ready to give it up for the evening and here is this great tutorial from you!

As always, I so appreciate you sharing your talent!
kimi kreations said…
Susan.. give it at try on one of your black and whites and let me know what you think?
Denise Olson said…
I'm going to add this to the other chocolates that I have in my box, um photoshop. Lovely picture of Kristen. You are blessed!!!
Anonymous said…
Kimi, this is great! I love the effect, thanks for the code, I will give this a try!
Darcy said…
That's a gorgeous effect (and a lovely daughter) Thanks Kimi! :D
Anonymous said…
thanks so much kimi!!!! you make this all too easy! i love your work and thanks for sharing it with us!!!! shell
Christyne said…
This sounds wonderful Kimi! Will definitely give it a try!
SusanD said…

Have you seen these brushes? Annika Von Holdt. I think they are awesome.
kimi kreations said…
Ahhh Susan, you know me well!!

If you scroll down to my post titled Brushes, I have a print that I made for my daughters room out of those brushes. I actually made 3 prints that go together. There was talk that she was going to stop making them available. I have all of both sets.
And I have a list of brush names with some of my favs that I refer back to often when I need something specific for a kreation. :)

So... get them all while you can!!
SusanD said…
Hey Kimi,

Well, I should have known...,!!

Thanks for the alert; I will get them all, rather than just a couple by previews.
Hi Kimi,

What a gorgeous picture of your daughter Kristen. I just wanted to tell you about the Virtual Photgrapher filters I found on They are free and they work really great. They even have one called Brownie (under the B&W section that gives the photo a chocolate filter and you can change the settings too. I was amazed this was free, so I jumped on it. Take care Kimi! :)

kimi kreations said…
oh Jonni.... Thanks so much for the info!! :)

I am glad you liked them. Your blog is so amazing and you are so inspiring. I loved the pic you did of Kristen with the fairy dust. I found the tutorial online and now I can create fairy dust and I am so excited! :)

Thanks for the great ideas.

Scott said…

I shared you chocolate filter on my blog today:

There are two links leading back to your blog, and (of course) I gave you full credit for the filter.


Ann said…
Thank you for this info. I will try it.
I can't WAIT to try this with some of my photos. Thank you for giving us your code!!
Anonymous said…
What is a hex code and how does it work. I love the effect and really want to try it.
kimi kreations said…
If you open the color picker...
there is a box on the bottom with the # sign in front if it. Just type the code in there. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for being so generous with your Photoshop knowledge! I just tried the chocolate filter on some of my kids' pics and it's gorgeous! Thanks for the great tip!

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