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Hi Everyone...

A week or so I gave away a nice cream colored scrap paper.
Today we will go over how to give the same paper a grungy feel without ever touching the paper. Above is the grungy copy I made. To compare with the freebie, scroll down below.
You get a better feel, if you click on the larger image.

Create a new blank layer above you paper.
Go to Edit, Fill and choose 50% gray from the drop down menu.
Change the blend mode on your gray layer to Overlay.
Working on just your Gray layer.
Select your burn tool. 24% opacity, set to midtones.
Load a set of grunge brushes.
Pick a few different ones. Make sure you run along the edges and corners and then try different ones in the middle.
You can change the look, without every touching your paper.
Now save your new grungy paper!! :)

I do this all of the time. I do hope you give it a try on some of your scrap papers and let me know what you think?
Here is a link to Brusheezy.com
Free grunge brushes for everyone! Take your pick!

Note: Using the same directions and a soft edge brush, you can burn along the edges and corners of your photo giving it the same effect the pros use without ever touching your image. This will give your image a focal point. If you find you have over done the effect, just lower the opacity of your layer.
The fun things we can do!! :)



Brenda said…
Thanks!! Can't wait to try this out.
Anonymous said…
thanks Kimi, that's awesome, I will try that for sure!!
Deb P said…
Thank you Kimi!! I love your instructions. Very clear and concise. Thanks for being so willing to help us learn these new techniques!
Bayla said…
Wonderfully clear instructions...looking forward to trying them out.
SusanD said…
This is a great treat for me! Wake up to a tutorial from you!

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
thanks so much Kimi!! very easy to follow instructions....love that!!!
kimi kreations said…
Glad everyone likes the tut. :)

Let me know if you give it a try??

Sharon said…
thanks so much Kami for sharing your knowledge of PS! I'm in Jessica's class with you and always look forward to seeing your layouts!
Sunny said…
Ah, Kimi.......you make life sweet. Your creativity always shines. Thank you.

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