Free Deckled Frame!

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I have a freebie today!! :)
3 deckled frames. One white, one tan. While working on the tan one to have an image to post, I added a drop shadow and some distressing... so I threw that one in also. (shown above)
kimi Deckled Frames
I think it works well with Kristen's chocolate photo.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


Hi Kimi,

Thank you for the wondersul frame and it looks so great with Kristen's picture. I have to tell you I am just so addicted to your blog, I can't wait for each new post! I hope you all are well and talk to you soon.

kimi kreations said…
Thanks Jonni!! :)
I hope you enjoy them. I wanted to tell you that I love Sofia's hat!!
Sunny said…
Thanks again, Kimi. I got all three this time.
Anke said…
Hey Kimi, thanks for the lovely frames, a girl can never have enough of them, LOL. Thanks for all your lessons too, I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge with all of us, I have learned a lot from you
Jan said…
These are great, Kimi, thanks! I really look forward to your lessons, too, and I'm saving them to refer to. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
thanks Kimi!!! love them! hope you are have the most beautiful girls!!! shell
Maria said…
Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.
Kelly Mills said…
Thank you Kimi. I can't wait to use them...
Anonymous said…
Love the frames! Thanks. Linda
Sharon said…
great set of frames...thanks so much.
Thanks for the comment about the hat Kimi. Sofia used to hate to have things on her head, now she cries if I try to remove them, go figure (lol). :)

Phyldar said…
Thanks so much for the frames - this one looks fantastic!
Joanie said…
Kimi, You are so awesome. Thank you for all the wonderful freebies and sharing your wonderful talents with the rest of us.
Kristie said…
This is beautiful!
Kristie said…
Absolutely beautiful!

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