Holly's Prom Night

Click on any image for a bigger view.

I used a black & white action by Nicole Van. If you have CS3. Check her out!!
And, my trusty chocolate filter. :)

I am so in love with this picture of Holly. It was taken last night before they left for the Prom.
To see her laughing and smiling with her friends... to see her growing up in front of her Mother's eyes.
The pride I feel is overwhelming.

This is my daughter Holly.... and I will love her always.


Donna S. said…
Wow. Your daughter looks like a super model!
Sunny said…
Gorgeous. I hope she had a wonderful night.
SusanD said…
Kimi, The photo and what you have written convey such depth..., the pride and love.

What beautiful daughters you have! Hope Holly had fun! Love the photo.

Donna Boucher said…
I love this picture!
It's beautiful and so happy!

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