Make your photos Pop with a little Drama

Click on any image for a bigger view.

Look at the difference between the top image and the bottom image.
The top image was worked using the directions from
kimi's Kreative homework #24.
It is quick and easy and gives a wonderful kick to any image!!
Click on the homework link and give it a try!

Happy Tuesday!


Kari said…
This is so great, Kimi!! I have been swept up in life for WAY too long now and haven't had much time to play OR check blogs but I have to say I am completely blown away by every single image and layout you have posted. Your creative mind is genius and I can't wait to carve out some time for myself to create some art using your fantastic lessons. Thanks so much for your inspiration - I needed it today!!
kimi kreations said…
You are most welcome Dear Kari!! :)
Hope you day gets better.
(big hug)
Jana said…
That's awesome and EZ!!!! Thanks Kimi! Always love what you create!
Sunny said…
Can't wait to get home and try this!
Anke said…
Awesome technique, Kimi, simple and very effective. I did a before and after and put it on my blog. I love all the stuff you create, you are amazing! Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip. Can't wait to try it!

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