Sharpen using the "High Pass" filter

Click on any image for a bigger view.

This was one of those AAAhhhhhh moments for me, when I did it the first time. I hope you will feel the same. It works on Portraits. (but may be too harsh) It is Fantastic to use on flowers!

Make a duplicate copy of your image. Ctrl J
Highlight your new layer.
Go to Filter, Other, High Pass.
Yes, it will turn gray. If it is a high resolution image I would go around 8 or 9.
Now here comes the fun part.
Change your blend mode to soft light or hard light. WOW!!
Try both and see which one works the best with your image.
If you find the sharpening to be to severe, lower the opacity of the high pass layer.

I would love to hear some feedback if you give this a try...
Happy Weekend Everyone!


Jana said…
This is just beautiful Kimi! If we ever get some flowers around here I'll try this. Maybe I'll find some photos from last summer. TFS!
Sunny said…
Love that I get notice of your new posts. The flower is so pretty. I've been playing with HP Sharpening the last few days....I'll give it a try with the Clematis I posted the other day.
kimi kreations said…
Jana.. try it on anything! I just happen to love the effect it has on flowers. :)
Anonymous said…
gorgeous!!!! we actually are in another winter storm warning!!! ugh

i'm gonna work thru this one...looks fun! thanks! shell
Denise Olson said…
Hey Kimi,
Sent you some love in my blog. Great technique!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Okay, I HAVE to try this Kimi! What a beautiful pucture. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. You never let us down. Have a great weekend!

Kelly Mills said…

I tried this, and nothing happened, my photo looked just the same... Help?
kimi kreations said…
Kelly... did it turn gray?
Try again and move your slider higher. When you turn the eyeball of on that layer, do you see a difference?
WOW Kimi, i just tried this and it ROCKS! Thakn you so much. You are the best!

Catherine said…
Kimi, check out the May gallery I tried this with a rose. Thanks for the tips. Catherine "Cutler"
Anke said…
great lesson, you always have the coolest stuff!
Annie said…
Oh Wow! This works great! You make these tips so easy. Thanks for sharing!
Terri said…
Man, I just love your ideas! This was really cool! I tried it on a paper flower pot I made for Mothers Day. You rock Kimi!

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