Have you discovered The Pioneer Woman?

Click on image for a bigger view.

Have you discovered The Pioneer Woman?
The PioneerWoman.com

What a great site!!
She has wonderful photographs with great tips and treasures.
I have been dropping in almost every day. :)

If you have CS, she has a group of free actions.
I used her "Lovely and Ethereal" action on this image of Grace.
Also a couple of ghostbones textures and an edge vignette from Nichole Van.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


Denise Olson said…
Grab a bag of popcorn, some head phones, and nice cold one to read the Pioneer Woman's from High Heels to Tarwheels. What a hoot and better than soap digest I've read!!! :) of course between breaks of doing photo editing that is!!!
Brenda said…
I agree!! Discovered this blog a few months ago. She is an absolute hoot.
Love Pioneer Woman! She is so funny and takes amazing photos. I just blogged about her not too long ago too. I love her actions and use them quite a bit. :)

ITA! The Pioneer Woman ROCKS! And you just MUST read her romance story - true story!

Have you heard of Pay It Forward Photography Resources? The website is http://pifphoto.com/ and they have a lot of awesome goodies on there. Just found it tonight and I have been a downloading fool all night! :)

Lisbet said…
Hi hallo...

I found you from Jessica Sprague side - I´m in the class too.

I´m HZDesign.

Nice to meet you.

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