Love these brushes!

Click on image for a bigger view.

This week on kimi's Kreative homework #27 we download a brush set that has some wonderful rays of light. The are from Stephanie over at Obsidian Dawn. Do dig around once you get there. She has some really fantastic brush sets. :)
Look under fantasy and you will find pixies and fairy dust.

A little info about my image.
I took one of my swamp images, added some of the free ghostbones textures. (adjusted the blend modes) Selected my eraser and some grunge brushes. Then stamped away the area in the center leaving some of the textured area around the edges. Added my rays of light in a nice cream color.

Take a trip over to Photoshop Creative Elements and see what other things we have been up too. We have a nice thread going, about using layer mask.

Happy Weekend everyone!

oh, and if you are not sure how to install your brush set? Scroll down, I have a post explaining the details. It is titles Brushes, Brushes. ;)


DawnS said…
Kimi...thanks! Love everything that you create
Beautiful brushes and I love the way you used it. Thanks for another great idea. :)


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