My Angelic Kristen

Click on the image for a bigger view.

I needed an Angel image for one of the challenges over at the Photoshop Creative Elements site.
I came across this image of Kristen the other day. We were on a shoot and wandered into this wonderful little church. She plopped herself down and I was fast enough to get the shot. :)

The wings are a brush from Obsidian Dawn. I added a slight bevel, drop shadow and outer glow.
Then free transformed them into the position I needed. The dark edge is another one of the ghostbone textures, erasing the center areas leaving just the grungy edge.

Hopefully some of the links will inspire you to take the next Kreative step in your photographic art. (yippee)

Happy Thursday!

EDIT: I am getting questions about applying textures to your images. If you scroll way down to the post with the textured tree. I go through some of my process. I hope you find this helpful?


Sunny said…
Gorgeous, Kimi.
Deb P. said…
Kimi ... That is GORGEOUS!!!! You are so very talented. I love looking at your photo kreations!!
What a beautiful picture Kimi. Kristen looks so angelic and I think I remember when you guys went to this church and you got some great pics of the gals. Keep up the great work, I love seeing your creations.



Can I ask a favor of you? I was wondering what type of lens you would recommend for photographing a toddler? Zoom? I have a 12x optical zoom on my camera now, but didn't know if an additional lens would be better. My pics are not turning out the way I would like them. I just bought a 77mm polarizer and UV filter so I hope that makes a difference. I take a lot of outdoor photos and the Auto setting on my camera is okay but not great. I would like the pics to look good SOOC but I could also tweak them with Photoshop CS2 (heck, that's half the fun right?)
Could you give us readers any pointers if you have time? Maybe things that you do to get the perfect shot and the settings you use. Thanks Kimi.

I was meaning my post was long, not yours. Wanted to warn you ahead of time. :)
kimi kreations said…
download the Lomo action that I posted yesterday. I think it will work fine in CS2. Also The Pioneer Woman has a free set of actions that you can try. Her boost action adds great contrast and color to your images.

If you take a lot of outside shots the polarizing filter will be a great help. I don't really know enough about the different lenses that are out there to give you a recommendation. I wasn't very happy with my images until I started shooting in RAW and learned the proper process to adjust and enhance the images in ACR.

Thanks Kimi. You are the best. :)
Denise Olson said…
Great picture of Kristen.....

when photographing kids, you will need "fast glass" meaning a lens with an aperature as low as f/2.8..... not sure of the camera that you use, but my favorites for kids are the 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8 and my 70-200mm IS f/2.8(however, it is hard to get wide angle shots with on my soon to get wish list, a 24-70mm f/2.8 a must have). I prefer using zoom lens when shooting kids because then it is less running around, but hey, you'll still end up running around. :) Have fun.
kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the input my dearest Denise. :)
Thanks Denise! I really appreciate the great advice on lenses! :)


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