Happy Fourth of July!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

My 4th was spent with Holly allowing me, a little of her time to take a few pictures. (love ya Holly)
This was her favorite so this was the one I worked on. We went out looking for white are light colored backgrounds because I knew I wanted to add some texture to the images.

After I was done, I came across the great video for adding blush and lip color to your images.
Here is the [b] school video. Do check it out!!
So of course, I had to go back and rework my final image.
I just love how I learn something new everyday and how willing everyone is to share their knowledge!!! :)

Another fantastic site I have come across is called lch design.
She has some really nice design items for sale!
This link will bring you to her blog, click to enter. I have been drooling over her images for a few days now. Take a look!
Perfect color and the sharpness is out of this world. How I would love to see a step by step from her! My friend Denise sent me there. (hugs to Denise!)

Hope everyone had a Happy day!


Sunny said…
Gorgeous picture of Holly. You did a great job on it. Happy 4th.
Anke said…
wow, Kimi, that is really great! You are a fountain of inspiration, I will have to go check out that site, thanks!
amazing grace said…
wow!!!! saw your link on my site--and had to come check it out---

How sweet are you?!! :) Thanks for your sweet compliments! You made my morning!!! :)

Love the texture overlay on your pic--she's beautiful!

leah :)
Hope you guys had a happy 4th Kimi. That is one beautiful picture of Holly that you took. Great job. I just LOVE learning new things too, it is so much fun. :) Thanks for the link. I'm going to go check it out now.

Swr4him said…
Kim that picture is fantastic! I learn so much for you and your resources. Love that you are also in our photography class. Thanks again.

Denise Olson said…
Thank you Kimi....I just love how you added the texture to Holly. Perfect, and artfully done!! :)
SusanD said…
gorgeous job! Thank you for the links; I have been looking at them all day!
Amy said…
what a beautiful photo!
Dorota said…
I just love your work Kimi! Whatever you do with your pictures is pure magic. You are a great inspiration, thank you for sharing your secrets with us :)

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