I won again!

Click on image for a bigger view.

This was my winning image for a contest I entered at
It was the 1 year anniversary of the site. If you are interested in a blog header, a logo design, or help setting up a blog. This is a great place to go!! :)
A Huge Thank You to everyone that voted for me.

Now a little background about my image. =)
Holly was having her regular 17 year old attitude.
See image below. So finally I said, put the notebook in front of your face. Ended up I liked that one the best.

Click on image for a bigger view.

Here is my straight out of the camera shot. Please take note of the look on her face.
Now this is not an "oh my gosh, I can't believe you are making me do this face".
This is her normal 17 year old face. (it looks like this all of the time unless she is with her friends, then it changes like magic)
As her Mother I have creative license to imagine my child any way I like. So I took her image and worked it into a much nicer face. LOL!!
....note the smile change.

Click on this image for a bigger view.

One day she will grow past this stage. And I will look back and miss the times she still comes to me for advice. So far now, I will be happy with both.

On a separate note: I am now actively working on my own Photography site. Hoping to promote my work and get new clients. One day soon I will tell you to check out the new digs. Until then my post may be far and few between. Don't loose faith.

Hope everyone is well!



CONGRATS again! Wow, this is has definitely been your month! I am so happy for yo and love your submission.

Holly is just beautiful and I love that face. They are teenagers for such a short time, so it is so nice to capture all the expressions of that age.

I am so excited about your photography site. I can't wait to see it, please don't make us wait too long okay? I am so bad with waiting. :)

Sunny said…
So glad you won! Can't wait to see the new site.
Anke said…
So happy for you Kimi, you do such great work, your site will be awesome! Are you going to let us in on how you change the frown to a smile? Parents of teenagers want to know, LOL.
Jeanann said…
parent of an almost 4 year old wants to know how to change a frown to a smile too.

please kimi!!!!
Katherine B said…
Kimi your talent and creativity simply amazes me! I absolutely LOVE looking at your work. Ever thought of a photo editing class? Creative editing class? I'd surely stand in line . . . and for a long time! Congratulations on your win! I can't wait to see your new site!

Katherine B
amazing grace said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How fun!!! you are winning, winning, winning!!!!



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