I won, I won!!

I entered a contest at Simple Wish Studio.
It is a graphic design studio. I am so excited!
So if you are interested in a logo or some new business cards, take a moment to look over some of her examples. :)
I will show you what Candice comes up with.

Happy Day everyone!


Jana said…
Congratulations Kimi! That's wonderful!
Lois Michael said…
Congrats! Kimi your work is fantastic so you deserve to win!
That's awesome Kimi! Isn't it so much fun to win? YAY, I can't wait to see it.

P.S. I am having a little contest over at my blog, stop by if you get a chance.

SusanD said…
Wow! congratulations!
April Dawn said…
Kimi, That's FABULOUS!! Congrats!!
Deb P. said…
Congratulations Kimi!!!! You deserve it! Your photos are always gorgeous. I love them!
Joanie said…
Congratulations... I know the design must be fabulous.
Anke said…
Oh Kimi, that is just wonderful! Congratulations! We all know how talented you are
Donna S. said…
Congrats! I'm jealous - what a great prize!
Dorota said…
Congratulations Kimi! You are awesome and you deserve it!

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