Come one, Come all!!

It is time to start the fall semester of kimi's Kreative homework.
We call it a class because we feel like we are all learning from each other.

Do you have a nice camera but your images aren't up to par. Maybe you are longing for the nice camera but still working off your point and shoot. It does not matter. You digital images will be changed forever if you come and join our class. And the best thing about it is FREE!!!

I will post a new assignment every Tuesday. Some will be to improve your image quality, some will change your images into digital Art. Please come and register on the forum and participate in the class. The more the merrier! The first lesson of the fall semester has been posted. Hope to see you there!!

kimi's Kreative homework #31

I will post some of our class images tomorrow. :)


SusanD said…
Thank you for offering this opportunity! I am already registered so I am off to look at the lesson.
Anke said…
I'm going to have to look at this. I would really love to do it, it's just that I am taking 2 classes as of today. I'll try to do it though. thanks so much for offering your knowledge!!!
Hey kimi,

I love this idea. Unfortunately, I just joined an online photography class over at Jessica Sprague and will not be able to participate.

Maybe I can join after my other class is over. Your class sounds super-fun. You know I love everything you do!

cutler said…
Hi Kimi,
I thought I would try to tag along, Catherine aka "Cutler"
kimi kreations said…
Now Catherine... you know nothing would make me happier than to see you in my class. I miss ya!!

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