kimi Grunge Frame

Click on image for a bigger view.

Here you go, as promised. For a limited time...
I have included two different colors, one cream and one brown.

If you want to change the color. Select the desired color as your foreground color. Go to edit, fill, pick the foreground color option in the drop down box and check the preserve transparency box. You can see I changed mine to white.

Oops, times up!!
The image is my buddy Grace. She has officially become my unofficial model. A girl after my own heart. Now when she want to come over and visit, she tells me she wants to take a picture. LOL! I'm gonna start buying treats to keep here for her. I'm a firm believer in bribery!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


SusanD said…
Thank you!! Glad you are safe. DH & I are deciding about what to do for Ike prep.
glendagirl said…
Thanks so much!From a fellow phaunty. :)
Thanks Kimi, beautiful frame and beautiful photo of Grace. :)

Maria said…
Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Sep [LA 01:20am, NY 03:20am, UK 08:20am, OZ 06:20pm] ).
lynn from the Spraground said…
Love your style gorgeous as ever! Thanks for sharing your creativity and knowledge-I miss you on the playground! Love the grunge frames!
Jackie said…
cool grunge frame...thanks...but cuter is the picture of Grace
Anonymous said…
Sharon :)
Thank you for the great frame. Your friend is a real cutie!.
Brenda said…
This is awesome! Thanks a bunch!!
Sunny said…
love it, Kimi.....thanks
Sunny said…
love it, Kimi.....thanks
Sunny said…
love it, Kimi.....thanks
Julie L. said…
thanks Kimi!!! Love the frame..and wow, your little model Grace is just a sweetie.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Grunge frames, Kimi. As usual, your stuff is the greatest!

Anonymous said…
Love that one! Everytime we play in the front now she asks "Where's my Kimi?" First I tell her you're home, then she says she wants to go over to visit. I have to tell her you're napping and then she wants to wake you up. Next she says "I want to take a picture!"

By the way! I have been getting non-stop "I LOVE the picture!" from the bday invites.

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