Lost my mojo?

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I have been so lost in trying to find 3 "Red Hot" images for the ArtWalk that I was beginning to wonder if I had any talent at all. Everything I thought would work has fallen flat. :(

Yesterday, I thought that is it.... it is gone! All of my creativity has left.
Disgusted I got up from my computer and picked up my camera to walk outside and check on Hubby. (who was doing his weekly cut the grass obligation) There stood a yellow spider Lilly. Now I have wanted yellow Spider Lilies for years. My good friend Kim was kind enough to give over a couple of bulbs last year. So this year I have 2. Makes me smile every time I look at them.

Here is one of the yellow lilies.
Click on image for a bigger view.

Anyway, back to my mojo...
While walking around the front yard, there comes Grace. I swear she is my most favorite little person. She is yelling... kimi, kimi, Maddie is here. So of course I say, go get Maddie and we will take some pictures.

After finding Maddie a clean shirt and me spit cleaning chocolate off Grace's face we are ready to start. (didn't ya just hate it when your Mom did that? Yuk) So the top image is one of the best. I have to say, I feel better now. It looks like my "Mojo" wasn't really gone. I was just trying to push too hard instead of letting things come naturally. I need to thank Grace for being there when I need to find it!!
Thank you Grace!

I still have to come up with one more red image. All 3 need to be printed and framed by Oct. 1st. Yep, cutting it a little close. ARK!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully things will get back to normal here at the blog soon.

Hugs to everyone!


Heather said…
Kimi, you'll have no trouble at all coming up with another killer photo - mojo may come and go, but your talent is very much alive and kicking!!!

And btw, spit cleaning makes you a bonafide mother. :)
Sunny said…
You certainly haven't lost your mojo! Heather is so right in her comment about spit cleaning. We've all done it, and I bet we've always had it done to us. You keep looking....you'll find that 3rd red.
Anke said…
Heavens, Kimi, I can't even imagine you losing your mojo! This is simply stunning! Love your spider lily too. You are so talented!
kimi kreations said…
Heather, Sunny and Anke... thanks so much for the boost in confidence!! I did find my other red image, in fact I was torn between 2. When I get the finishing touches on them I will post. :)
SusanD said…
Can't wait to see the red image. The two are fabulous!

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