Free inked edge

Click on the image for a bigger view.

THANK YOU to everyone that has voted my picture the worst. :)
Here is the link, Phaunt Actions. vote for image #6.
It is not too late, so please, please go and vote.

As a thank you, here is an inked edge I made to share with my friends. (sorry, time is up)
This will be up for only 24 hours, so grab it quick!

The cutie above is one of my latest clients. Her name is Reese and she was such fun to photograph. I have added the inked edge to her image so you can have a preview. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm going to come back and add an Edit:
Do you know how to change the color to whatever color works for you?

Highlight your edge layer, pick the color you want in your color picker.
Go to Edit, Fill and choose foreground color from the drop down box.
Make sure the "preserve transparency" box is checked.
That's it. Now you have your frame in the color that you need.


Jonni said…
What an adorale photo of Reese and the red tutu really POPS! Isn't it funny that you are thanking people for voting for your worst photo (lol). Thanks for the wonderful inked edge. :)

Sunny said…
Thanks, Kimi. Hope you get your class.
belle said…
Thanks so much for the inked edge freebie. I voted for your photo, so good luck!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the votes girls! :)
Hope you enjoy the edge.

Jonni, how is Sofia doing after her surgery?
Joanie said…
Thank you so much for the cool inked edge. I hope you win! Even though I DID vote for your photo it was definitely NOT the worst!
Good Luck,
Lisa said…
Thanks for the inked edge freebie, Kimi! It's great!
Jonni said…
Hi Kimi,

Sofia is doing great. Thanks for asking. She is amazingly resilient and she just amazes me every day. She should be all set for a while. We may have to do a little more work when her permanent teeth come in but that should be a long way off. I hope you win that contest! :)

GreatToBeGrammy said…
I voted for your photo! Now, to figure out how to download your inked edge freebie! Then to figure out how to use it...I've never done this before :)
kimi kreations said…
Hi Terry, you just open the image that you want to add it to. Then open the inked edge. Click on the edge layer and drag it onto your photo. Use Ctrl T to freetransform the edge to fit. The key is to look at the top tool bar and lick on the word window. Make sure you pick Cascade mode. This will allow you to open and move around more than one image at a time.
missis said…
Nice frame, thank you. And good luck, I voted for you =)
jeanne said…
Voted for you. LOL. It is so not the worst!!! Hope you win.

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