Make a black & white with a punch!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Today on kimi's Kreative homework I posted instructions on making a nice black and white image. When you get a chance, take a peek at some of the images that get posted during the week. Here are the instructions.

open your image and do any normal corrections.
press D to set your colors to the default settings
you are going to click on the ying/yang looking tool on your layer palette to find the gradient map.
apply and press ok. you should now have a nice black and white.
Ctrl E to merge down your gradient map into your image.
Ctrl J to duplicate your black and white image.
highlight your new layer and go to Filter, Distort, Diffuse glow.
I have my graininess set to 0, Glow amount 4, Clear amount 8.
Drop the opacity until you like the effect.
last but not least.... open your levels adjustment and move in your dark slider to give it a nice contrast.

The image above is one of my latest clients. She was such a doll to work with!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!!


Kristie said…
That's a great picture!
Jonni said…
Just got home from out of town and I love your tutorial Kimi. Thanks for the great info and I can't wait to play.

Joanie said…
Darling photo... thank you for the tut! Hugs... Joanie
Joan said…
Wonderful photo Kimi and I love your new avatar. Stunning!!!
jmeyer1 said…
I am just starting to learn to make my images better using PSE6. I'm so extremely excited to find this site. I've only read about 6 of your post so far but I'm already learning things. The first thing I tried was making a B&W. Wow my photo turned out so much better with just that little bit of knowledge. I hope to learn so much more here. Thank you so much.
kimi kreations said…
Hi girls... thanks for the nice comments on my new image!! :)


Come and join us at the forum. you will learn more than you can imagine. Follow my homework link.
Miss Chris said…
Clearly I am missing something. I am using PSE 6 and when i add the gradient layer it does not convert my photo to B&W. It just makes part of it darker and the rest stays the same. What am I doing wrong?
Miss Chris said…
duh, I was choosing gradient, not gradient map!! Nevermind!!

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