This child!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

I need to be the first to say... I don't understand this child.
She is not like my other children. This image soooooo captures Holly.
She is dark, moody and secretive. Actually Sunday I was asking her Dad, if he was sure he was really that fond of her because I didn't think she would live to see the end of the day. At 17 years old, she is driving me bonkers. Now don't get me wrong. This kid has honor roll. She is a really great kid but boy can she drive her parents crazy. Well it's a good thing I didn't off her Sunday are she wouldn't have been sitting outside with me this afternoon and I would have missed this shot. She is beautiful isn't she!! I look at this picture and know without a shadow of a doubt that I love this child with all of my heart and soul. So it gives me hope that surely we will all survive (Holly included) her journey into adulthood.

This was taken with my new 85mm lens. Have I mentioned how much the backgrounds are to die for. It is super sharp and I am lovin it!!

A few things I did. I used Portraiture on her face. I made the final image into a black and white the added the color layer back on top and reduced that layers opacity. I did not blur the background. That is straight from the lens. I did run a burn action on it to make sure she stood out and not the background. If you don't have this it is easy to do on your own. I have to admit I do my own most of the time.

Create a new blank layer. Edit fill and choose 50% gray from the drop down box. Change the blend mode to overlay. Choose your burn tool. Set to midtones at around 18%. (top of tool bar) Pick a soft edge brush and run it around your edges until you like the look.

BTW... all of my images are frames and located at the correct exhibit. I ended up participating in two different ones. One representing "red hot" and one representing "people". I will try and post the images tomorrow.

That is it folks. Just a reminder... be kind to your children. One day they will be gone and you will long for the good old crazy days. :=)
Hugs to everyone!

I have an edit request: here you go Sunny the link to the eyelash brush.
Obsidian Dawn


Joanie said…
Such a beautiful girl. I love your recoloring... I noticed you used the eyelash brush as well. You are so good, Kimi... you rock.
kimi kreations said…
Hi Joanie. Yes I did use the eyelash brush. It is kind of obvious but I didn't mind the effect. She was straight out of the shower without a lick of makeup on. If I was going to use her picture, I at least had to pretty her up. LOL!
She likes the picture BTW.
Anke said…
Just beautiful! She is such a gorgeous girl and what you do with those pictures.....
Jonni said…
Holly is beautiful Kimi and I am really loving the post-processing you did and that 85mm lens rocks! Thanks for the reminder not to kill our children when they drive us nuts. I agree, they grow so fast and then you miss the old days. :)

Sunny said…
Eyelash brush? Is that something I'm going to have to get CS# for? She's gorgeous, Kimi; great job on the photo. I lust after that lens.
kimi kreations said…
Sunny, I will go back and post a link to the brush.
Kristie said…
Beautiful! And you're right, it does capture everything about her. I have a feeling Grace will be a lot like Ms. Holly!
Sunny said…
Thanks, Kimi, for the brush link.
Deb P. said…
Hey Kimi ... I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I feel the same way about my 18 year old son. Some days you don't know whether to strangle them or hug them!

This photo of Holly is drop-dead gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing your workflow with us.
derrick said…
Hi, I was wondering if you tried letting a bit more colour show through on her skin to see how it looked. I just find the skin a little gray looking (for me). Beautiful otherwise.
Jana said…
Hi Kimi,
This is a stunning portrait of your daughter! Really love it!
Miss talking to you!
Kristie said…
I swear, this picture never gets old. Her natural beauty combined with the colors and background enhancments. This needs to be in a contest somewhere. Heck - she needs a portfolio!

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