New twins in my family

Click on the image for a bigger view.

My niece had twins. Aren't they the cutest. Looks like she is whispering in his ear. I'm sure they are already planning how to drive their parents crazy. :)
The top image is the birth announcement I made to send out to family. The bottom image is the matching 8x10 to give to family to frame. Nice huh?

Click on the image for a bigger view.

They were made using the two Senior Albums that I bought from lch designs. I have used bits and pieces to make all kind of things. I highly recommend the buy. Not only is Leah's stuff amazing but it works well for any occasion. Do take a peak at her store.

Now a plug for kimi's Kreative homework this week. We are working on color correcting. Come and join us.

Hope everyone is well!!


Jonni said…
What beautiful babies and congrats to your niece. She is in for so much fun. These images are breathtaking Kimi and I love Leah's templates. They are incredible. Your neice is going to love this.

kimi kreations said…
Thanks Jonni! She hasn't seen them yet. I am bringing them to her tomorrow.
Hugs to you and Sofia! :)
Debi Putnam said…
How adorable! I love the idea that they are conspiring together from the beginning. Fabulous photo!!

We just found out a couple of weeks ago that one of my sons and his wife are expecting twins! I'm so excited. Twins = double the fun for Grandmama!!!!
Denise Olson said…
Oh, they are sooo adorable!! How much fun are you going to have capturing their moments...and love the avenue you took with Leah's designs...loving her stuff too!!!
SusanD said…
Hi Kimi,

Not only do I love the sweet, adorable twins photos, but WOW you! Gorgeous!

amazing grace said…
love it!!! :) they are sooo adorable!!! :) I've always wanted twins! How fun you get to photograph them!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the nice comments everyone!! :)
GreatToBeGrammy said…
Kimi, those are wonderful creations! My newest little granddaughter was born yesterday and I'm in charge of making her birth announcements. I'd love to create something similar to this! Would you please share how you did it? Soon?! Thanks a bunch!
kimi kreations said…
Terry, I have the link where the materials all came from. I purchased 2 Senior albums from lch designs. I used some of her papers, frame, scroll, tape etc. to make my document. I knew I wanted them to be 5x7 so I created a new document that size, then I dragged in what I needed, added my text and I was set to go. Hope this helps?
GreatToBeGrammy said…
Kimi, thanks so much for sharing your how-to so quickly! I'm going to post a couple other questions over on the Creative Elements Forum that maybe you can help me with on this.
I LOVE your artistic style! Never seen an image you did that I didn't like or want to duplicate!
Thanks for your inspiration to continue learning!
kimi kreations said…
yes Terry!! Go to the forum. There you will finds loads of help besides me. :)
carmen said…
Can you post a way to view all of your previous "Kreative Homework" assignments on Photoshop Creative Elements community? I joined just so I could participate in your assignments, and I tired to find how to access the older assignments but have not been able to. Thanks. By the way, the pictures of the twins are adorable!
kimi kreations said…
Hi Carmen...

The homework's are all posted under the "Challenge Yourself" area. You will have to dig around. You can always type in homework in the search box, that may give you what you need. :)
GreatToBeGrammy said…
It's me again, Kimi! What font did you use on the announcement and where can I get it? It's beautiful!
bECCA said…
How adorable! I really love the design as well. I am also really LOVING the font that you used, would you mind telling me what it is?? Please!
bECCA said…
Hey "GREAT TO BE GRAMMY" in case you check back to see what the font is... it's called "Porcelain" it's available for free on (thanks to ich photography)

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