Yah, class is over!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

WOW... did we cover everything! Layers, levels, color pop, curves, channel mixer, etc. Our last week of lessons were about making a good black and white image. This was my final class image. What do you think?

I NEED to highly recommend Kylie's class to anyone that wants to learn Photoshop.
You can find out all about it here. Phaunt U.
She does extra chats and even calls you on the phone. What a woman!!

Now things can go back to normal. I have some Christmas stuff I am working on so stay tuned.
Missed everyone!


Sunny Archibald said…
I think it's amazing. How much of what you learned do you think I could convert to Elements? Kylie sounds like an awesome teacher, but it'd be silly for me to take her course if I couldn't relate it to PSE.
kimi kreations said…
Sunny, it was really geared for CS3. Most of the things we learned Elements doesn't offer.
Learning about Channel Mixer and Lab to make a good color pop was really fascinating! And I had never worked with curves before much less understood the what and why of it all.
kimi kreations said…
Hi Denise... I miss ya!!
You must be very busy?
Just beautiful Kimi!! I love this shot!! She is gorgeous! I know Daddy will be guarding the door in about 10 yrs! Great work!
Jonni said…
WOW! What stunning b&w photo. Mine always look so flat and boring. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself Kimi. I love all the PS things you mentioned. Can't wait to hear about more of the things you learned. Please share. :)

GreatToBeGrammy said…
Oh my! What a beautiful little girl and terrific photo! You keep getting better and better! I'm glad that I helped get you in the class with my "worst photoshop vote"! Now, you can teach us more of what you've learned! I really want to make my photos look like yours!
Thanks for all your inspiration!
Carrie said…
Your B&Ws are so georgous. I just love stopping by your blog every now and then. You never stop amazing me.

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