Adding Texture to your images

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Here is an image I shot and processed today using lots of texture! :) My buddy Grace once again. This is what happens when I am bored on a Saturday afternoon. LOL!

Do you like the texture look but you just aren't sure what to do? Well, Jodi at MCP Actions has a link on her blog to some fantastic free high resolution textures. And to top that off... she had a video showing you how to apply them to your images. (that Jodi is so cool!) So check it out!

And don't forget to tell me hello from time to time. I am starting to wonder if anyone is reading my ramblings? hmmmmm.... so few comments this time of year. Hope everyone is doing well!

{{Hugs all around!}}

EDIT: Meg wanted to know where my textures came from.
The main ones I used on this came from Nicole Van. I use a lot of Ghostbones textures also. I went to add the link but it looks like he has deleted his entire Deviant Art page? :( They were fantastic!! So if you downloaded some from my previous postings. Lucky you!!


Bayla said…
Wow Kimi. What a fabulous find! Thanks!:) Bayla
kimi kreations said…
Well Hi Bayla!

belle said…
Hi Kami: I enjoy reading your blog. Great photo! Thanks for the texture resource.
Sunny Archibald said…
I'm here - off to get the textures, too. Cute picture of Grace.
I read every time you post!! Keep 'em coming!
Jonni said…
Hi Kimi,

Thanks for the great tips on the textures. That's so ironic that you mentioned MCP Actions, I just bought the Complete Workflow Actions a few days ago. Really lovely. Hope you have a great holiday!

P.S. Grace is so adorable, as always. She is the cutest neighbor ever.

kimi kreations said…
Merry Christmas Jonni!
Jodi has some really cool things.

Give Sofia a big Christmas hug for me! :)
Doris said…
This is so cool and I do read all of your information. Did you enjoy the snow this past week? It was so beautiful. I live in Baton Rouge, LA.
Meg said…
I love the stuff you share. I was wondering which textures you applied to this.
Dana said…
Oh, yes, I read your every post. This has been a hectic month and promises to get even more so. Thank you for your insights.
scraptherapist said…
Hi from South Louisiana,
You are so talented and great inspiration. I have lots of questions because I'm new to this and can't make anything work. Any resources for help?
Merry Christmas
Mary Ann
Anke said…
I am still here Kimi. You were mia for so long with that class! Love the picture and I will check out her blog for sure!!! thanks! I hope your ventures are working out well?!
Kristie said…
KIM! I absolutely LOVE it - You're the best.
kimi kreations said…
Well, heck... I didn't know people were really showing up! LOL!!

Doris, the snow was so cool!

Mary Ann, keep at it. It has a way of falling together.

Anke!! oh, I have missed everyone at JS. So glad to see you are still hanging around my blog.

Kristie dear, Is this what you had in mind?? I hope so. :) She is getting really good at following directions. Well, except for that one I got where she is sticking her tongue out at me. LOL!
regine said…
Thank you Kimi for sharing your talent and knowledge. I truly appreciate all your posts, and you inspire me to be creative with my photos. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Heather said…
I'm here reading your ramblings - which really aren't ramblings! This week I was playing around with textures and I'm never quite sure what i'm doing so thanks for posting the links and this darling example!
Heather said…
where did ghostbones go I wonder? I loved his textures. :(
Joanie said…
I love this Kimi! Great photo of Grace and great textures! Your are right about ghostbones. I was trying to credit them for some textures I'd used for my POTD and the whole account was gone :(
Deb P. said…
Hi Kimi! I'm always here! I love your ramblings and your awesome photos. I have 500+ emails sitting in my inbox cause I haven't had time to even look at them since before Thanksgiving. But when I saw your name in my inbox I had to scoot over and see your latest creation. Sorry if I haven't posted comments lately .... real life keeps interrupting my fun .... but I ALWAYS read your posts.

Merry Christmas my friend!
Deb P.
You are so talented and I love looking at your blog. I so wish my 3 children were your neighbors :) do such a GREAT job. I so want to learn just half of your talent. I am going to try and take Candice's photo class in March over at JS. Any other ideas for teaching myself the art of photography?
Have a MERRY Christmas!!

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