Are you on Facebook?

I have a new Facebook account. Since I don't know most of your names. If you are there also, please look me up. Look to the right of this post there is a shortcut that says...Facebook me
Just give it a click and it will take you right to my page. I would love to be your friend.

And because I believe every post should have an image. Here is the latest image that I have added to the slideshow on my web site.
(what can I say, this child warms my heart) She came out her door this morning calling my name and carrying the new puppy Santa brought her for Christmas. I'm not sure if the puppy's feet have touched the ground yet. LOL!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

A reminder: kimi's Kreative homework will start again this Tuesday.
It starts with a freebie. Hope to see you there!

Happy Weekend!

For Mary Ann... This is a small but friendly community and someone should be able to answer your questions. This is also the forum where my homework assignments are posted. It is a great place and anyone is welcome. Photoshop Creative Elements Community


Joanie said…
Little Gracie really is a dear... and you photograph her so well. Do her folks know how lucky they are to have you as her personal photographer?? Happy New Year and see you over at Facebook. (I opened my account because my little teenaged grandson asked me to! LOL)
scraptherapist said…
Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration. Couls you please direct me to a site with a thorough explanation of how to install actions on PSE 4 on a MAC?
Have a great New Year,
Mary Ann
kimi kreations said…
Hi Mary Ann...

I will leave a link for you on my post. Just ask your question there and someone should be able to help you.
Meg said…
I'm new to your creative homework. Can you tell me how they work and where I should start? I would say I am at an beginning to intermediate level with photoshop elements/photoshop/lightroom.
kimi kreations said…
Meg... hang tight. I will have a new post with details Tuesday. :)

Meanwhile you can check the link I posted for Mary Ann. Under "challenge yourself" on the forum. I have posted my homework assignments. Just do a search on the site. It is a mixture of beginner and intermediate. Some are just plain creative and some are more geared along the line of improving your images. I try and mix it up. :)
Lisa said…
That is a great picture.

Just added you on FB.
SusanD said…
Gorgeous pic as always!! And a new blog header!
Hi Kimi,
Thanks for all the help yesterday!
The photo is great as usual...
Would you share with me what fb is?
kimi kreations said…
bernell... fb stands for Facebook. The link is on my site, go join.

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