Did you do your homework?

Just a reminder for all of those who promised they would learn more in the upcoming year. kimi's Kreative homework #45 was posted Tuesday. It is all about using your hue/saturation slider to alter your images. Are your skin tones too red? Want to learn to give a quick selective color boost to an image? Then go and take a look!!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

I was scraplifting a page out of the "Digital Scrapbooking" magazine that I get. It is on page 15 by Renee Pearson. If you get at chance do run out to the book store and pick it up. Full of wonderful things to look at and read. I was thinking I could incorporate this look into an offer for my Seniors. What do you think? If you were a Senior would you think this was cool enough to pass out to family? I'm going to give one with Holly a try.
Kristie.. if you are reading this, I already have a copy printed for you. ;) awwww, she loved it!!

Now everyone off to work your homework...
Happy Friday!!


Joanie said…
OK... I'm such a dummy I kept waiting for you to post HERE about homework there. Duh... here I go! Thanks for setting me straight
Denise Olson said…
oooo, I love love the way you utilized the same photo in 3 different ways on this layout. Stunning!! Let's pow wow next week!!!!!
kimi kreations said…
Joanie, it will be at the Photoshop Creative Elements forum every Tuesday. :)

Denise my dear, would love to "pow wow" with you. You know I count on your honest opinions. Nice to see you popping in at the Phaunt also. I miss ya!!
GT Cindy said…
I love what you did, yes if I were a Senior I would love to give this to friends and family (they didn't have stuff like this when I graduated). Hummm, I have a 4th grade graduate coming soon!
Jonni said…
That tuturial sounds like so much fun! I gotta join your group now that my online photography class is over.

What a beautiful LO and I think it would be prefect for seniors! Great job Kimi. :)

kimi kreations said…
Jonni... do come and join my class. ;)
Bayla said…

I've done my homework but I can't seem to get on to the website to post it.:(

And I think your scrapbook page is fabulous, so wonderful in fact that I'm going to scraplift it myself. It's just what I've been looking for. Can't wait for my Digital Scrapbooking mag to arrive!!
kimi kreations said…
Hi Bayla!

Looks like the site is back up.

We have a thread running with scraplifts from the magazine. Can't wait to see your take!! :-)
GreatToBeGrammy said…
I love that layout and think that Seniors would also! Where is the scraplifting thread? I'd really like to know how to copy this layout!
Joanie said…
OK Kimi... apparently I don't know where to look to find the homework without a link here. where do I go?
kimi kreations said…
Joanie... you need to bookmark the forum. Just click on the link for number 45 posted in the last thing I wrote. Hit new post when you get to the forum and it should show in the threads. Are you can look in the Challenge Yourself area. we are in #46.
kimi kreations said…
Terry.... the original LO came from the Digital Scrapbooking magazine. A few of us on the Creative forum get the mag. so we tried a copy. If you have a chance, do buy it.
GrGram Pat said…
So sad that the Feb/Mar issue is the last one being published by Digital Scrapbooking. What makes me mad is that I just renewed my subscription. I have the article you 'scraplifted' and I am working on a LO. What Seniors are you referring to - high school, college or Over-the-Hill, like me?
kimi kreations said…
Pat.. LOL!! high school seniors.
It is sad about the magazine. It was the only one of the scrap mags that I renewed. Do post a link if of your scraplift.
Jana said…
Kimi, your version of this scraplift is a work of art! Love all the textures! Looks like a real oil painting!
fertilepress said…
I so love that you scraplifted my layout. It looks fabulous!! :D

renee pearson
kimi kreations said…
Renee... I doubt you will come back and read this but you have made my day! :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I will miss the magazine. I loved it!
Beautiful work Kimi, I love it

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