kimi's Kreative homework #47

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Click on the image for a bigger view.

We are so blessed with such talent on our little forum. This week we are working a tutorial that Christell shared with the forum. The top image in this post is one of hers. First, I had never used the clone tool this way and second, it is so cool because you don't add the effect until the cloning is complete. This gives an awesome image. So do take a moment to give it a try and share your work with us. :)
kimi's Kreative homework #47
While you are there... click on "new post" and check out some of the other threads. Hope to see your work there soon.



GreatToBeGrammy said…
Thanks, Kimi, for posting this tutorial. It was easy to follow and lots of fun. I enjoyed the results everyone got from it.

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