kimi's Kreative homework

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It's the New Year, are you ready to move forward with your Photoshop knowledge? Welcome to the first lesson of
kimi's Kreative homework of the new year. On this lesson you get a free grungy overlay. You are to follow the directions on changing the color and erasing some away with a grungy eraser. I made it in a funky green color so the changes would be easy to spot. On the image above you can see I picked a nice dark brown color for the change and I used a grungy eraser to get rid of the areas over the butterfly and some of the flower.

If you want to learn how to do important things and cool things with your software this is a free and fun class to join. All lesson are posted on the Photoshop Creative Elements forum. Please take a moment to join and post your image when you are done.
Don't be one of those grab and run people. :-(
It is a very small on-line community, you will fit right in...
And the cool thing is you will learn from the other post as well!
Hope to see you there!!

Happy learning everyone!


Anke said…
Wow Kimi, this is so stunning looking. It really is tempting to try and work on something like that. I just cancelled my piano lesson, so maybe I'll spend the half hour on this instead :)
kimi kreations said…
Give it a try Anke. It won't take half and hour, it is quick!
GT Cindy said…
Just what I needed. This is a perfect lesson, I have a photo of my sister's Lab puppy with pearls on that I wanted to alter and make it funky. I can't wait to get home from work and get busy with this lesson.

Thanks Kimi!
Sarah said…
This looks great! I just went to the forum. Is there a way to get a list of your previous homework assignments so I can work on them?
Thanks, Sarah
Sarah said…
Oh! Is there a name to describe this kind of photography? I really like the style. thanks again, Sarah
Sheri said…
Beautiful photo and thanks for the overlay. I did know that you could recolor them. (learned at the spraground)

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