Tried a new trick...

I had my flash on with a diffuser. I placed the camera on manual and put my shutter speed on 1/15 with an f stop of 5.
The flash still went off at 1/60 but the drag left the shutter open long enough to expose the background. Most were ok, some were blurry. (I'm sure it was the photographer)
You really need to look at the bigger version to see the differences.

I grabbed Holly to give it a try. She had no make-up on and I promised no one would see them. Poor Holly, she falls for it every time.

Click on the image for a bigger view.

After Processing
Click on the image for a bigger view.

I posted this before but the eyelash brush can be found here.
Obsidian Dawn

And as a side note... if you scroll way down, I have a post about creating a brush folder outside of your software. You can add folders and keep everything organized. :)



Jeanann said…
poor holly's gonna kill you one day!!!
Joanie said…
You know there is a whole world of women who would give their left arm to look like Holly with no make-up on! What a beautiful girl. Love the editing. Is there anyway to print Holly's face on mine!! LOL

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