Add a old fashion tint to your images

Click image for a bigger view.

I know you have seen images of my little buddy Grace. This is her family. I used this image for kimi's Kreative homework # 49
I am working on adding a old fashion tint to some of my images. Take a look at the homework instructions. It is really quite easy, I hope to see your image posted in the homework thread.

On a happy note: Our Darla is home and getting stronger every day. Thanks so much for all of the good wishes!! :)

Happy Tuesday...


Julie L. said…
beautiful photo Kimi--I will be trying your homework! so glad to hear about Darla, too!
Jonni said…
So glad to hear that sweet little Darla is feeling better now. Poor baby. I think it will be a long time before she gets back into the chocolate.

I love the old fashioned tint and wow, Grace's family is just as beautiful as she is. This is one of my very favorite images you have taken Kimi. Great job you talented lady.


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