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My camera is still in the shop so my buddy Joe has loaned me his D200 to play with for a while. I am having a blast!! :) Truthfully, it puts my D80 to shame. All I can think about is now must be time to move up to a big girl camera. I am finding the images are sharper and more on point.

I signed up for a photo editing class at JessicaSpraque.com. This picture of Holly is from Lesson#2. It is a self paced class and I am really enjoying the video lessons. The cost is only $45. Even if you do not have a DSLR and you are working with a point and shoot. If you would like to learn how to make your images pop in either Elements or Photoshop. Go and check out the class.

So what do you think of this image of Holly, it was taken with the D200. She is a Senior this year and we have been taking all kind of images trying to find just the right ones.
Don't forget to work kimi's Kreative homework. This week came with a super cool brush link.

Have a happy weekend!


Just gorgeous. Of course, ALL of the pics you post of Holly are gorgeous!
Sunny Archibald said…
Looks good, Kimi. I haven't done lesson 2 yet......hoping we're going to ACR.
kimi kreations said…
Thanks Kelleigh!

Sunny, yes we got into ACR in lesson 2. I am finding I will do some basic work in LR but I always go back to CS to finish.
Joanie said…
Lovely photo! But we all know what a beautiful subject you have to work with!

I'm signed up for Jessica's class. I just started tonight. I'll see you on the message board.
Bayla said…
Fabulos photo, Kimi. I hope one day my teenage girls will let me take photos of them - at the moment they put their hands in front of their faces whenever they see a camera!

See you in class.
Elizabeth said…
What a lovely daughter you have!
Jonni said…
Hi Kimi,

Great shot of Holly. She is such a beauty.

I ♥ Jessica's classes. I took a fun photogaphy class over there. This class looks really fun too. I don't work in ACR very much. I use LR for exposure and WB and then take it the rest of the way in CS. Hey, did you know that you can personalize your LR control panel. Check out my blog post about it (it is a few posts down from the top.)

Take care hun and great photos. :)

Jonni said…
Hi Kimi,

I just had a friend email me who lives in Louisiana who asked me to vote for her daughter for a local contest at:


and I was looking at all the cuties and low and behold I could have sworn I saw Grace on the 4th row at the end and I know you and Grace both live in Louisiana as well. Is that her? She is so cute. Small world huh? :)


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