a Warning and a Freebie

ok, lets start with the Warning....
Keep all chocolate away from your dogs!! It can kill them.
This is our doggie, Darla. She got into some chocolate last Monday. She is only 3 pounds and was rushed to the vet within the 2 hour safe range that is stated on the internet. The vet gave her something to throw up. My daughter picked her up that afternoon. By 10:30 that night we were at the emergency clinic with a dog that was near death. Severely dehydrated, with a temp of only 94, when a dogs temp should be around 100.
She spent 3 days at the vet and 2 nights at the emergency clinic on an IV drip. No one thought she was going to make it. She couldn't stand or move her head. She was limp and barely breathing.
She came home yesterday. Weak and full of awful red spots where she was too dehydrated for them to get and IV in. I can't even count how many times she was poked before they finally got a vein. This morning she is skin and bones but wagging her tail and looking for food. She even managed her outside pose when I said the word outside. For some reason when you ask her if she wants to go outside, she always picks up her right foot and freezes in place. I need to disclose, I am not a dog person. When my daughter came home with this dog I thought she was the funniest looking thing I had ever seen. Her personality won me over. I have never met a smarter dog.
So please, please this Valentine's Day... keep all chocolate away from your doggies.
Not her best shot... she was not to keen on the flash or the bow. :)

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Now for the freebie. Do you like the Polaroid frame?
I made one with a drop shadow and one without.
Here is the link. sorry time is up

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

These freebies are made and given out to my subsribers only!!
The Terms Of Use state: YOU MAT NOT offer any of my designs on any web page for download or send them through an internet list or include them in any des
ign/graphic collection on the internet or otherwise.

Another picture of Darla. Kristen's baby. LOL!!

Click on the image for a bigger view.


luvtknpics said…
thanks Kim! I called my daughter over to the computer and told her the story. We have 2 very little dogs and she is famous for leaving things around!
April Alcorn said…
Poooooor puppy!!! Praying for a super quick recovery!!!!! How scary!!! Thank you so much for the freebie! I LOVE it!
Elizabeth said…
So sorry about your precious dog. Hopefully, she will recover quickly and be her happy self again.
Joanie said…
Kimi, I am sorry to hear about Darla's horrible experience with chocolate. Poor baby-dog! She looks so cute with her bow. Thank you for spreading that warning!

Thank you for the wonderful polaroid frame... beautiful as always.
Katherine said…
So glad your little doggie is going to be okay. Never knew about the chocolate thing. I always thought dogs could eat anything especially since most of them do. Thanks for the frame. It's GREAT!
Sunny Archibald said…
Glad she is better. I'm out of town and can't download. :-(
kimi kreations said…
Sunny... let me know when you are back. I will make sure you get the link. :-)
Anke said…
that just makes you sick! A few years ago my dog ate a KG of belgian chocolates we had left on the table, that's almost 2 lbs! She actually lived, but pooped silver wrappings for days. I still can't believe she didn't die from it. I have been very careful ever since though! I am so glad your puppy made it!!! She is a cutie btw.
kikimama said…
Thanks for the frame! Glad your doggy made it, how scary for you.
BSE said…
So sorry to hear about your fur baby. Will keep my fingers crossed for a quick recovery. P.S. Love the frame. Thanks so much for sharing.
Mandi said…
Thanks for the frame! I love it. That happened this week to my brother's dog, too. Ate the entire box of Sees Chocolates. He was so ashamed to admit that his very first thought was "all those delicious chocolates. . .gone. .. " Poor little doggy made it through okay.
Angela Lee said…
Kimi thank you. Glad to hear your dog is going to be OK, she is so cute. thanks for the freebie, I will use it for assignments etc around PECC forum
krazydog said…
I'm glad your dog is ok. I've found that having a dog is like having a little child - you have to keep them away from a lot of things.

You also want to be sure your dog doesn't get into any sugarless food/gum that contains xylitol. This is suppose to be very bad stuff. Raisins, grapes, and nicotine/cigarettes are also things to watch out for. I had to call the emergency vet after my dog munched on some relative's cigarettes. I guess he wanted to see what chewing tobacco is like:)
Anonymous said…
Hi kim,

glad that your dog is going to be okay. I have 2 dogs of my own. I was told that a grape is one of another dangerous food as well. i tried to download ur frame and said I was not one of your subscribers? am I? I love ur frame. Elzbieta
kimi kreations said…
Elzbieta.. give it a try again. It should be fine. Let me know tomorrow if you still didn't get it to work and we will find another way to get it to you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 14 Feb [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 15 Feb [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).
Kimi, so glad Darla is OK - what a scare for you all. A very bonding experience though.

Great freebie giveaway - I have been looking for something like this, so perfect timing.

Thank you very much.
Judy said…
I'm so glad your furbaby pulled through that scare. She is a dollbaby !
Anonymous said…
OMG - what an awful week!
Please - take our best wishes for Darla, we hope she will be fully recovered soon.
And yes - we will keep our dog away from chocolate. He's a havanese, a very smart and lovely guy.
Thanks for your warning and all our love for Darla!
Sigrid & Timmy (the havanese) from Germany
Anonymous said…
Thanks Kim for the frame! So sorry to hear about Darla. My beagle got into some chocolates a few years ago. She threw up all night and her belly got as big as a barrel, but she recovered quickly. We are a lot more careful now. I just recently learned that grapes can be toxic to dogs also. That was another little goodie that Shiloh liked!

Dawn (In_the_Gym)
Jessica Koubik said…
Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I'm glad everything worked out though! Hopefully she'll get better FAST!

Thanks for sharing!
Lisa said…
I'm so glad that Darla made it through all of that. She is a real cutie! I love the breed, my son has one. Onions are also toxic to dogs.
Anonymous said…
found your blog thanks to Digifree. I just wanted to say so sorry about your pup. Chihuahua's have a way breaking into peoples hearts..even if they are not dog persons. I love mine. Also keeps onions away from them. Others have mentioned the grapes and sugar free stuff.

You have a very cute dog.

Jonni said…
Oh honey,

I am so glad that Darla is okay. I know how furbabies can win you over. Heck, our dog thought she was a child before we brought Sofia home (lol). Darla is a cutie and I am so glad she is feeling better.

Thank you for the beautiful polaroid frame. Take care. :)

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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