Virus or Worn Threat!

It is all over the forums and made 60 minutes the other night. Rumors of a virus or worm that is already on your computer set to active on April fools day. Now we never know if a rumor is just that a rumor but I am leaving a post today to remind you to always be prepared.

Go to Microsoft and do your updates. Before you go to bed tonight. Update your virus software and run a scan on your computer. Think about installing and using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Do a back up tonight also. Shoot set a restore point on your system. I'm not sure if that will help but it won't hurt anything. :)

If you have no virus software running. Do a search for AVG free. Make sure that is exactly what you are downloading and not some other pop-up that showed up. Before downloading anything. Do a Goggle search and make sure it is legit!!! Holly had a worm attach her system called Anti Virus 2009. We had to do a complete system reinstall. So do your research before you just start clicking away.

Let's hope the April Fool's joke is on us. Getting everyone freaked out and nothing happens.

On another note... my old laptop died. Was it a virus, who knows but it was old and had served me well. This is where I would do my creative stuff. Sitting on the couch with the tube on designing away. My new one won't be in for a couple of weeks so I promise to find a freebie in the mean time. It just bugs me to sit at my desktop back in my office away from all the house activity. And because I can't have a post without an image. My latest picture of Grace taken right as the sun was going down. The flower was pulled out of a vase from my birthday flowers from Kristen. Don't ya just love little girls. ;)

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Oh and don't forget about doing your homework.
kimi's Kreative homework #54.
Hope to see you all tomorrow. Be computer safe!
I'm off to do my updates.


Joanie said…
Thank you Kimi... I hadn't heard anything about this. I'm off to back-up and scan.

Great photo of Grace
Anke said…
We had the same virus on our compy and had to use the same remedy! What a pain that was!!! sneaky buggers that they are. Love your photos, they are just gorgeous and thanks for the tip! Of course it helps to start out with a great picture like that!
smiles (Shari!) said…
Thank you for the reminder, Kimi!
I love your latest photo of Grace!
Anonymous said…
Simple solution - get a Mac ; )
kimi kreations said…
It's true a Mac would solve everything! :)
Except I would be totally lost.
Anonymous said…
Kimi - I really, really love this one of her! I just saw it yesterday when Brandi and I were looking for pictures of Holly!
Anonymous said…
If you print I want one of these! I dont know how we made this kid! Well... let me rephrase, haha... dont know how she ended up so darned beautiful
Kristie said…
Trying to see if it works with me as a subscriber

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