Dolce's picture play #43

Click on the image for a bigger view.

One of the blogs I follow on my Goggle reader is Dolcepics. Every week she post an image for you to process as you like and then post a link back to her blog. It has become one of those things that you think about but never follow through. Well this week my friend Sunny posted her play and it was such a striking image that it finally was the push I needed. So the above image is my play. If you go to Dolce's site you can follow the links to the other plays or find the original image to play along.

Also check out kimi's Kreative homework this week. What a fun lesson!
happy Wednesday


Sunny Archibald said…
Looks great, Kimi. You should play's low stress and fun.
tootie501 said…
Lovely photo, Kimi.
Laura said…
Love what you did with the picture.....looks great!
Denise Olson said…
auh, if only I had 5 hours per day....I love to play play play and your homework this week is such a tease......I tell you since starting my business, creative play had to be put into a stinks!!!!! Thank you for pushing the inspiration!!!!
laura-dolcepics said…
This is absolutely gorgeous! I think it's my first time here and I'm in love with your photos and your scrapbooking work. So talented! Thanks so much for joining us for WYP. I hope you'll continue to play. :)
Jonni said…

What a beautiful job and I love the texture. I also love Laura's blog over at Dolce Pics and her cute little Sophie. I used to play every week but just don't seem to have time anymore. Great job on the processing.

Anonymous said…
That's really, really good. Bet that would look good as a Prom shot for Holly!
I LOVE what you did with this pic, Fabulous!

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