My current obsession

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My current obsession is Dandelions. I have been searching high and low for this pesky little weed. It seems they grow everywhere but near me. Riding in my car I came across my first one of the season in a ditch on the way to a shoot. So of course I turn around, park in a strangers driveway and run across the busy street to pick it out of a ditch. On of the girls were nice enough to get out of the car with me. (in case I got myself run over or run off) So Nicole was holding the flower while I shot a couple of pics. it was getting dark so I had her standing so we had some light between the trees. Thanks Nicole!
For a spur of the moment image, I just love how this came out!
It was processed in LightRoom with Matt's 300 strong preset. If you have never checked out Matt's LightRoom Killer tips it is a wonderful resource.
Do you know everything you need or want to know about the "type tool"? This week on kimi's Kreative homework I posted a link to a wonderful type tutorial. Check out psd tuts+, comprehensive type tutorial.
Or stop by our homework thread and check out some of the images posted. You can always add your own!

HAPPY Thursday!!


shari aka smiles said…
I love this shot! Who would have ever thought a Dandelion would have made such a beautiful image! Awesome job!!
Denise Olson said…
You know I love dandelions!!! and with everyone's manicured lawns out here, I can't find them either. In search of a huge dream shot!! Excellent shot Kimi and great pick on the postprocessing!!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks Shari and Denise. :)
Jonni said…
Beautiful dandelion Kimi. For some reason I am not receiving updates from your blog via my Feed Blitz Feeder. I need to check out why. Take care and beautiful photo. :)


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