Happy Graduation

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Well... my baby graduates from high school tonight.
Boy am I melancholy. What does a Momma do when that is all she knows for the last 32 years.
She is beautiful isn't she? This was Holly Saturday night for her prom. Gosh how I love that kid!!

Things will get back to normal here soon. All we have left after this is her Dance review and graduation from dancing. She went for 15 years.

EDIT: here is one of her in her cap and gown before we left to go to graduation. Even in that funky hat she it a cutie. Congrats Miss Holly!! :)
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Talk soon


Sunny Archibald said…
OMG, Kimi, that picture is gorgeous!
GreatToBeGrammy said…
Holly looks stunning in that gown! Congratulations! I just realized that my baby graduated 10 years ago this week! My how the time flies! Now I have 4 sweet grandbabies to spend my time with. Life is good!
BeeKay said…
She is beautiful. Mine are 29 and 26. I still try hard to be present in every moment, because time flies by. They are five and you turn around and they are 25.
Newtome said…
Aw!! Kimi, you will be just fine. You will reinvent yourself and find even more within you. Life is good, you will see.
Denise Olson said…
Awe Kimi, she is just a doll baby!!! Derrick graduates tomorrow.....I'll admit, it's a depressing happy feeling!!!!! hugs and kisses
luvtknpics said…
She is beautiful!! I know you are so very proud!
Debi Putnam said…
Kimi, I know how you feel. My youngest son just graduated from high school on Friday. It does make you stop and catch your breath for a moment.

Holly is beautiful. You done good girl!

Deb P.
Jonni said…
Congratultions to Holly and I can imagine how bittersweet it is to see your baby graduate and move on to the next phase of her life. I am sending you big hugs sweetie!

By the way, that is a beautiful picture of your beautiful Holly.

Angela Lee said…
Kimi she is beautiful you have done a great job and I don't want my turn to come anytime soon, I love having them home...
Deb said…
Holly is very pretty! And lucky to have such a great photographer for a Mother. She will have lots of terrific photos to look back on. Her prom photo is wonderful. You have 2 beautiful daughters.
Joanie said…
What a beautiful girl. And I hear you about what's a mama to do? Well, what we've always done... make adjustments.

My favorite saying is, "You teach your kids to grow up and lead independent, responsible, adult lives... and then darned if they just don't go and do it.
kimi kreations said…
Thanks so much everyone for the kind words. :)

Joanie, what a wonderful saying!! I will keep my fingers crossed. LOL!
Clara said…
She is absolutely gorgeous, Kimi. You have done such a good job being a Mom. The pictures are awesome.

P.S. Life does go on after high school. I think that you will find that your connection with your children just as important now as it was then.
shari aka smiles said…
Kimi, Holly is a beautiful young lady! I should have some images of Harley's graduation next week!
Tell Holly congrats for me and I am so proud of her!

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