making an image look old...

Nicole Van has come out with a new set of textures that are just lovely.
Go ahead and take a look, you know you want to. :)
Nicole Van Photography blog
I turned Holly's image into a black and white and used her texture called Chic Washed.
Changed the blend mode on the texture to multiply. I just love it!!


Directions for my black & white process:
Press the letter D to set your colors to the default colors.
I usually make a duplicate layer. I go into the adjustment layer area and apply a gradient map. Use Ctrl E to merge it into your duplicate image. Now open a Levels adjustment layer and lighten you skin tones. This means.. move your white slider in and move your black slider in until you get an effect you like. Ctrl E to merge your levels into your image. If you want it a little lighter, you can make another duplicate layer of your black and white layer and change the blend mode to screen. Reduce the opacity of this layer way down until you like the effect.

Happy Weekend!


Sunny Archibald said…
She's such a beautiful girl. Is she off to college in the fall?
kimi kreations said…
Thank you Sunny.

Yes she is off to college in the fall. she is going to try her hand at Law. She found a job working in the Mall but times are so slow they could only give her 3 shifts a week. She found a second job in the Mall and they said they would work around her other schedule. So now she has two jobs.
Jeanann said…
did you get the chic vintage action and textures? i love what you did to this photo.
kimi kreations said…
Jeanann... I did get both the texture and the actions. But truth be told. I don't do well with actions. I would much rather do it myself. I will go and add my black and white instructions on the post.

So this is my black and white process and only the one texture.
Jeanann said…
thanks kimi. its a great picture.
Jonni said…
Holly is so beautiful and I love the treatment you used.

P.S. That's awesome that Holly is going to college for law. I am sure she will do awesome!

amazing grace said…
this looks great kimi!

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